• Scholarships and Colleges

    The Academy of American Studies is proud to have so many students who've earned scholarships and are able to go to colleges and universities across the country. The students in the Academy Class of 2021 earned a collective $2.1 million in scholarships.

    Any scholarships found that will be helpful to our students will be posted here.

    Lucinda Findley History Scholarship

    Lee/Pittenger History Scholarship

    Catherine Pierce Scholarship

    Our Academy of American Studies Alumni boasts a wide range of majors/activities and colleges/universities. *O'Connor graduation year in parentheses

    • Amma Sarkodee-Adoo- Former President of Undergraduates at the University of California-Berkley (2016)
    • Ryan Langford- Mechanical Engineering major and starting tight end for football at Missouri S & T University (2018)
    • Jack Longo- First Freshman at Arizona State University to be named Ambassador for the W.P. Carey School of Business (2016)
    • Taylor Gilbertson- Appointment to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (2018)
    • Joelle Narducci- Mechanical Engineering major at UCLA (2018)
    • Limya Matthew- Physiology and Business at the University of Arizona (2018)
    • Courtney Schrade- Appointment to the US Naval Academy (2016)
    • Colby Wyatt- Former Pitcher for Cornell University, current pitcher for the Sioux Falls Canaries (2016)
    • Tyler Evangelista- Biology and Medicine at the University of Alabama (2019)
    • Connor Johnson- Cyber-Security Major at Grand Canyon University (2018)
    • Bailey Brammer- News producer at KXXV Waco, TX, journalism major at Baylor University (2016)
    • Ashley Schroeder- Astrophysics major at University of California-Berkley (2018)
    • Jenna Gilbertson- Graduate of Liberty University, History Major, Historian at Patrick Henry's Red Hill (2015)
    • Zainil Patny- Graduate of New York University (2015)
    • Carly Braunstein- Physics major at University of Southern California (2017)
    • Sage Williams- Graduate of Northern Arizona University nursing program (2015)
    • Kelsey Chancellor- Graduate of Northern Arizona University teaching program (2014)
    • Amanda Ekdahl- Graduate of Northern Arizona University in archeology and anthropology (2014)
    • Amanda O'Brien- Graduate of Northern Arizona University teaching program (2014)
    • Bree Henry- University of Arizona Pre-Law and President of Mock Trial (2017)
    • Karson Cook- Theatre degree from Grand Canyon University (2014)