Here are some helpful tools to reinforce at home!

Zones of Regulation Poster
  • We have been working very closely with the Zones of Regulation this school year. This program is great in helping regulate emotions and actions. Some students are sufficient in regulating independently. Some students may still need support in regulating. This may look like prompting them by saying, "I notce you are feeling ________. What zone are you in and what tool can you use to get back to green?" Students may also need to be reminded of the way they are THINKing.

    T-is what you said or did true?

    H- is what you said or did helpful?

    I- is what you said or did inspiring?

    N- is what you said or did necessary?

    K- is what you said or did kind?

    This phrase can be used when talking about ourselves as well! If you can say no to any of those five things, you are not in the green zone!

  • Another strategy you may include is the "instead of... try thinking" way. This helps put us in a positive growth mindset. When we are thinking positively and focusing on growth, we are giving our brains the fuel to learn!

Growth Mindset