The mission of Boulder Creek High School is to empower students to learn, lead, and contribute.

    The vision for Boulder Creek High School is one of high academic achievement for all students within a safe and healthy learning environment.

    The Boulder Creek High School Athletic Department pursues excellence by creating opportunities for student-athletes to participate in programs that attempt to maximize potential through performance, leadership, teamwork, scholarship, community service, and appropriate conduct at school and in the community.     

    23/24  Sports  Season 

    23.24  AIA  Physical  Form

    Before Tryouts 

    1.   Complete RegisterMyAthlete -  create only 1 account, per family  SEE REGISTER MY ATHLETE TAB - All registration is completed electronically

                Registration includes, but not limited to entering Health Insurance, Viewing & Agreeing to Athletic Handbook, Concent to Treat,

                  Uploading Documents:  23.24 Physical Form & Completion of Brainbook Concussion Education


    Assistant Principal/Athletic Director reviews & approves, each uploaded document.

       Incomplete documents Rejected, email sent with reason document rejected.

    Student Athlete is not cleared for tryout, until CLEARED through RegisterMyAthlete  

    Coach can see if Athlete is CLEARED or what is needed to get cleared


    Before 1st Game

    Pay District Athletic Fee

                  DVUSD charges $100, per sport, per year

                                 $200 max per athlete, in one school year

                                 $300 max per family, in one school year (additional rules apply)


    Bookstore Account

    Login:  Student ID #  (6 numbers)              Tip:  Student ID is a.k.a Lunch Account Number

    Password: Lastname     


    Use Student Athlete’s Account, Do Not Create Guest Accounts or Parent Accounts

    23/24  BC  Athletic  Sports & Coaches, by Season
        Fall Sports   August - October
    Badminton Girls   Coach Mindy Kuntz  Melinda.Kuntz@dvusd.org
    Cross Country   Coach Tom Clarke  Thomas.Clarke@dvusd.org
    Football   Coach Tony Casarella  Anthony.Casarella@dvusd.org
    Flag Football - Girls   Coach Todd Jubert  Todd.Jubert@dvusd.org
                                         Coach Greg Toth  Gregory.Toth@dvusd.org
    Golf - Boys   Coach Chris Endres  CEndres60@gmail.com
    Golf - Girls   Coach Kory Gilliland  Kory.Gilliland1@gmail.com
    Spiritline    Coach Bianna Leclair   Brianna.Leclair@dvusd.org
                       Coach Myana Tunnell  Myana.Tunnell@dvusd.org
                       Coach Katelyn Magill   Katelyn.Magill@dvusd.org
    Swim & Dive   Coach Paul Root   Paul.AnthemDolphins@gmail.com
                             Coach Jeff Kunselman  Jeff.Kunselman@dvusd.org
    Volleyball - Girls   Coach Dale Jones  DJonesPVA@gmail.com
                                   Coach Kristen Hullinger  Kristen.Hullinger@dvusd.org
         Winter Sports    November - February
    Basketball - Boys   Coach Justin Collard Justin.Collard@dvusd.org
    Basketball - Girls 
    Soccer - Girls    Coach Regina Cormier GinaCormier@gmail.com
    Soccer -  Boys   Coach Bob Naber  Bob.Naber@dvusd.org
    Wrestling Boys & Girls    Coach Porter Wilbanks  Porter.Wilbanks@dvusd.org
         Spring Coaches    February - April
    Baseball   Coach Brian McNulty  Brian.McNulty@dvusd.org
    Beach Volleyball - Girls   Coach Kristen Hullinger    Kristen.Hullinger@dvusd.org
    eSports   Coach Rae-Anne Phillips  Rae-Anne.Phillips@dvusd.org
    Softball   Coach Dave Marver  DMarver8@gmail.com
    Tennis - Boys  Coach Bob Naber  Bob.Naber@dvusd.org
    Tennis - Girls  Coach Darcy Wine  Darcy.Wine@dvusd.org
    Track & Field  Coach Tom Clarke  Thomas.Clarke@dvusd.org
    Volleyball - Boys   Coach Amenda Pedregon  AmendaGonzalez@gmail.com

    Athletic Office open during regular school hours, Monday - Friday, 7am - 3:30pm 

    Closed May 29 - July 14, 2023