Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Ms. Correia, I recently got married so my name will be changing to Mrs. Sparks as soon as possible. This is my second year at Greenbrier and I have been teaching for 6 years. I taught second grade, kindergarten, and sixth grade. I graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor's in educational studies. I have experience in behavioral health education. I have a teacher's certification in Kindergarten through 8th grade with ESL(English as a Second Language) and have experience in Special Education with an emphasis in behavioral health. I look forward to teaching your child in Kindergarten this year!


    My goal each year is to reach out and instill a love for learning in all of my students. Kindergarten is such a great year for young learners, let's have a great year together!

    I also have three amazing children. They are all young and are full of energy! 


    Contact Information:


    ashley.sparks@dvusd.org will be my new email once my new last name changes over.