• The following are important math vocabulary used frequently by all students. 




    SUM = the answer to an addition problem 

    DIFFERENCE = the answer to a subtraction problem

    PRODUCT = the answer to a multiplication

    QUOTIENT = the answer to a division problem

    EXPRESSION = a number sentence without an answer (or equal sign). Ex. (3x2) + 4

    FRACTION = a number that shows part of a whole    3/4

    NUMERATOR = the number above the line on a fraction (represents how many parts of that whole are being considered)   1/3

    DENOMINATOR = the number under the line on a fraction (represents the total number of parts created from the whole)   1/3

    COMPOSITE NUMBER = a number with factors other than just 1 and itself

    PRIME NUMBER = a  number only divisible by 1 and itself

    VOLUME = the amount of space something takes up, written in cubic units.  Formula: L x W x H