1:1 Student Devices

  • All DVUSD schools operate in a Tech Rich environment with all K-12 students offered a 1:1 device. The availability of one-to-one student devices allows teachers to design learning experiences using e-textbooks with embedded links, video, 3D graphics, simulations, collaborative publishing, and instant access to reference information.

    Students learning on-campus in grades 1 through 8, all online K-12 Aspire students, all students at Barry Goldwater High School, and all students at Sandra Day O'Connor High School utilize Chromebooks. Students in Kindergarten and at our other three high schools use iPads.

    Students in grades K-3 use their assigned student devices at school and devices are stored in the classroom overnight. Students in grades 4-12 bring their assigned student devices to and from school daily to provide access to digital resources beyond the school day.


    DVUSD Device User Agreement: English | Spanish

    DVUSD Optional Device Protection Plan: English | Spanish

    DVUSD Payment Portal (payment instructions)

    Student accounts will not be charged for repairs required due to manufacturer defects or normal wear and tear of the device.

Student Logins

  • Login to DVUSD sites with your DVUSD student username & password.

    Contact the school office for guidance on student login information and how a student can change their password.