Curriculum for Computer Science in DVUSD

  • In Deer Valley USD we provide access to Computer Science Education to students from PreK through high school. Our goals and resources for Computer Science delivery in DVUSD schools are specified by grade:

    • PreK: Use of unplugged computational thinking activities each month
    • K-6: All students will participate in 15-30 class hours each school year, including coding activities on computers (delivered through a special area course, embedded in curriculum, centers, or MTSS outer circle time)
    • 7-8: At least 9 weeks of Computer Science/ STEM as an exploratory course available at each campus
    • 9-12: All campuses will offer a two-year sequence in Computer Science (Software and App Design CTE Program) and a senior internship option for students


Computer Science Progression of Learning in DVUSD

  • Preschool & Pre-K

  • Kindergarten - 6th Grade

  • Middle School [7th-8th Grades]

  • High School [9th-12th Grades]

Elementary Students Using
High School Students Using
Middle School Students Working in
High School Student Coding with
Elementary Class Working in Computer Science Principles Students
Middle School Student Working in
Elementary Students Using
Middle School Students Reflecting on their Activities
Sphero Indi Kids
Dash Robot Students
LEGO Spike Essentials
Microbit Students
LEGO BricQ Motion
LEGO Spike Prime