Coronavirus Answers to Common Questions

  • Q: How are student absences being handled?

    A: All absences due to illnesses are excused with parent confirmation, per Board Policy.


    Q: Are there any plans to alter or cancel travel, field trips, school dances, etc. due to concerns?

    A: At this time, there are no recommendations from public health officials for cancellation of public events (e.g. assemblies) or field trips. Nevertheless, things are changing on a daily basis so if in doubt, please visit this website daily. We highly recommend reminding all students and families, particularly those attending field trips to continue to practice the same precautions they do during the cold and flu season.

    For information on travel plans you or families might be planning for Spring Break, please consult the US State Department’s website for travel guidelines.


    Q: What are the plans for student sponsored travel? 

    A: School sponsored student travel after spring break is being monitored.  At the time of this posting, MCDPH has stated that it is appropriate to continue with student travel within the United States. We are also reviewing the websites of the counties to which our students and staff are planning to travel to see if there is any information to suggest that the trip should be cancelled. We have no international school sponsored trips.


    Q: Are additional sanitization procedures taking place at sites and in classrooms?

    A: School sites and district offices are already implementing additional sanitation procedures. Lead custodians are working with staff on cleaning procedures, including specific guidelines to daily disinfect high-traffic locations using recommended cleaning materials. 


    Q: Are alcohol-based hand sanitizers allowed in DVUSD schools?

    A: Yes. 


    Q: My school bathroom is out of soap. What should I do?

    A: Contact your school administration as soon as possible so they can be refilled or fixtures replaced.


    Q: Who will make a decision to close schools?

    A: If an outbreak occurs, and school closures are recommended or ordered, decisions will be made following discussion between the school district and Maricopa County Public Health Department. We will also consider guidance from the Arizona Department of Health Services. DVUSD is unable to know if or when individuals are exposed to any illness, which is why we follow guidelines from the Maricopa County Public Health Department. Rather than recommending the cancellation of schools and public events, at this time, these agencies are asking people who may have been exposed to the virus to stay home.


    Q:  Should my child wear a facemask?

    A:  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH), a facemask is not necessary for someone who is healthy.