• Mr. Helmick

    Mr. Helmick is very excited to be able to continue the Drama Club at Paseo Hills! He has always loved the theatre since he did it all through high school. Mr. Helmick teaches 5th Grade Math during the day. The Drama Club is something that he looks forward to each week as a way to let loose and just have some fun with the cast. We work hard to make sure that the show we will perform is the best it can be! Mr. Helmick has done it all when it comes to the theatre, from being on stage to working behind the scenes. Being back stage (lights, sound, props, sets, costumes, etc.) and working on getting the show ready, is what Mr. Helmick enjoys the most. He did not enjoy acting as much! That is why he is directing! Mr. Helmick looks forward to working closely with Mrs. Voegtli and making the Paseo Hills Drama Club the best it can be. Break-A-Leg this year!

  • Mrs. Voegtli

    Mrs. Voegtli has been at Paseo Hills for three years. Two of those years she was a reading specialist and she is currently an instructional coach supporting teachers and students.  Mrs. Voegtli feels very fortunate that she gets to help co-sponsor the Drama Club at Paseo Hills with Mr. Helmick. Mrs. Voegtli has always loved theatre and was in a few musicals in middle school. In high school she made the tough decision to participate in band over theatre. Now she is thrilled to be able to take part in theatre again as a sponsor here at Paseo. She is thrilled to work with Mr. Helmick and each and everyone of you!