• Home Learning Math 180

    Using Math 180 at Home


    Why should I ensure my child works Math 180?

    • Math 180 is an evidenced-based Math Intervention proven to support students with Algebra Readiness


    How much time should my child spend working on Math 180 software?

    • Students should spend 15 minutes working on software five days per week


    How does my child access Math 180?


    How will my child be supported if they need help with the Math 180 software? 

    • Your child’s Math 180 Teacher will be closely monitoring student software usage and performance each week 
    • Your child’s Math 180 teacher will contact your child to schedule a Zoom Meeting for any of the following: Extra support based on software data, celebrating software usage/performance or holding students accountable for weekly goals. 


    Your child's Math 180 Software work will be monitored by your child's Math 180 teacher each week. Please email your child's Math 180 teacher if your child is unable to access the Math 180 software or if your student needs extra support with a lesson in the software.