• Come to class on time.

    Be prepared to learn.

    Give your best effort!

    Course:            6th Grade Room: 802

    Year:                2020-2021

    Instructor:       Mrs. Hallman

    Contact:           Sunrise Office: (602) 467-5900

                              Email: christine.hallman@dvusd.org


    My office hours are: Monday - Friday from 8am - 4pm. These are the hours that I will be available to respond to emails and phone calls, and though I may be engaged in instruction during this time, I will do my best to reply within 24 hours. You can also schedule a Zoom with me by clicking here 


    Course Descriptions:

    6th grade 

    ELA – Reading/Writing


    The reading curriculum will focus on the elements of literature in a broad variety of genres.  Students will explore fiction, non-fiction, poetry, digital media and informational text.  The Deer Valley adopted curriculum is Collections. Students will use versions of this curriculum from 6th through 12th grade.  This course material is entirely available online through our Canvas courses.   

    Textbook Policy

    Textbooks and supplemental works are the property of Deer Valley Unified School District.  



    Students will have access to pick up a backpack of necessary hard materials from Sunrise during the first week of school. Technology distribution is available through Signup Genius by clicking here.

    There is a list of 6th grade classroom supplies posted on my website for reference if you would like to purchase them at the beginning of the year when they are cheaper. We will use them when we return to the building, and you may end up using quite a few at home. It is also suggested that students have their own flash drive to back up the work they complete during our course of study. There will be times when students will need to complete assignments in a journal or with sticky notes to supplement their online lessons.   

    Digital Classroom Rules, Procedures, Policies

    In order to promote a healthy and engaging learning environment, we need to follow classroom procedures and policies, just as we would if we were meeting in person.  Below I have outlined my expectations for our class.  I reserve the right to adjust any policies or procedures as I see necessary in order to promote a safe and stimulating classroom community.


    Classroom Expectations

    Every day when the students attend Instructional Zoom meeting class, they need to abide by our Digital P.A.W.S. procedures:


    Practice Respect:

    1. 1.Students will enter the Zoom on time, with their microphone muted.
    2. Students will be prepared with materials needed for class, and will not work on outside work during instructional time. 


    Accept Responsibility:

    1. Students will complete their assigned work for the week by Friday at 8pm for full credit. 
    2. Students agree to submit their best work and take responsibility for their learning. 


    Working Together:

    1. Students will contribute to their community of learners by attending and participating in all required Zoom meetings. 
    2. Teachers may break the Zoom instruction time into “breakout rooms” or small groups. These groups will remain on topic, on task, and working toward their academic goal. 


    Safety Matters:

    1. While working online, students understand they must be a good digital citizen. This includes not searching inappropriate websites and giving any personal information over a website outside of school.
    2. A digital learning environment must feel like a safe place for students to share ideas and ask questions. Safety matters here most of all with positive peer feedback and constructive conversation. 


    After our class meeting every morning, the class will move onto that day’s work. Students will begin academic instruction with their Homeroom teacher’s subject through a live Zoom meeting. If the student is not able to attend the Zoom meeting, all academic instruction will be recorded and available on Canvas for students to review as needed. Once released from large and small group instruction via Zoom, students will work independently on assignments as directed by their teacher. This process will repeat for each block of instructional time, see the digital schedule.

    Digital Classroom Norms:

    1. Students will be expected to participate in class discussions, review of assignments, brainstorming, etc. - Positive participation may allow a student to earn back lost privileges or rewards.
    2. Students MUST raise their hands or use the Zoom reaction feature to be called upon.
    1. Unless permission is given by the teacher, students may not leave the class. Students MUST remain in their meeting until the end of class/instruction and when dismissed by the teacher. 
    2. All class work must be completed independently unless otherwise stated by the instructor- copying is not allowed (see plagiarism) and any students involved will receive a zero for that assignment and possibly face further disciplinary action.

    Finding work after being absent (only for parent excused absences):


      1. All work will be available in the Canvas course for the full week it is assigned. 


    • You are responsible to complete all weekly assignments by Fridays at 8pm.


    1. You will have one additional day for every absence to finish the work.


    Turning in assignments


      1. Your teacher will show you how to mark assignments as done in Canvas.


    • Assignments will not be counted if they are not marked as done. 


    Talking Procedure:

    It is okay to talk:
    1. If I raise my hand and the teacher calls on me.

    1. If we are having small group discussion to complete a problem/activity
    2. If we are in centers and I am on task in my assigned center
      4. If talking is necessary to complete my assignment.
      5. If it is free time and I have completed my assignments.


    But I know that I must not talk:
    1. When another person in the meeting has the floor.
    2. When a student is asking or answering a question.
    3. When the teacher has instructed the class to be quiet.

    Partner/Group Work

    1. Talk in quiet voices.
    2. Put all the names of the members of the group on any document for the assignment.
    3. Do your job in the group. Everyone should have a responsibility.
    4. Be prepared to report. Any student within the team may be picked to share results.

    Computer Use Policy (see also attached agreement)

    1. Students will log in using their own username and password
    2. Students will follow accepted use policy
    3. Students will remain on task and be on appropriate websites

    ***Student use of school computers, networks and Internet services is a privilege, not a right.  Compliance with the school unit’s policies and rules concerning computer use is mandatory. Students who violate these policies and rules may have their computer privileges limited, suspended, or revoked.  Such violations may also result in disciplinary action and referral to the principal. 

    Making poor choices

    1st time – Verbal warning
    2nd time – Conference with student
    3rd time – Parent contact (phone, e-mail, or card sent home)
    4th time – Teacher detention
    5th time – Office Referral which may lead to Parent/Student/Dean/Teacher conference


    ***If your behavior is highly disruptive, disrespectful, or dangerous you will be removed

    from the classroom immediately.


    PBIS: Positive Behavior Instructional Supports

    You will be rewarded for the positive behavior you exhibit throughout the year! Instead of using a patchwork of individual behavioral management plans, we have a school-wide discipline system that addresses the entire school, the classroom, areas outside the classroom (such as hallways, restrooms, offices, cafeteria, playground/school grounds etc.). Every person who works in the school is aware of the behavioral expectations and works to ensure students are consistently getting the same message, regardless of the setting they are in or the adult they come in contact with.  This is your chance to shine and be recognized for following school procedures and exhibiting appropriate behavior! 

    Homework Policy


    • Yes, there will be homework! Parents please check your child’s. Please do not do their homework, just check that they have it and have completed it. Assignments will be posted through Canvas daily.  Students can practice flash cards for 10 minutes per day to become fluent in multiplication, division, equivalent fractions, decimal place value, decimal to percent to fraction conversions.


    Attendance Policy


    • Yes, we will take attendance! Students will be accountable for positive participation each school day. They must attend required instructional Zooms in order to be counted for class attendance. 
    • DVOA enrolled students are NOT REQUIRED to attend Zoom and will be considered present each day, unless no work has been completed by the end of the week. Then they will be considered absent for that week. 
    • If you have a serious conflict with attending Zooms on a regular basis, please email your student’s homeroom teacher. 


      • Students who have more than 2 unexcused absences in a row will receive a phone call from the school to make sure they are okay, or to support with technology as needed. Please make sure to ask if you need help, so your student does not miss school if they don’t have to. 


    Tardy Policy

    • Students are expected to be in their Zoom meeting and ready on time, otherwise they are considered tardy.  When the meeting begins, students should have all materials out and ready to work.

    Absenteeism Policy


    • Students have one day for each absence to turn work in.  For example, if a student is absent on Tuesday and returns on Wednesday, Tuesday’s work is due on Thursday.  If a student misses Tuesday and Wednesday, then work for both of those days is due on the following Monday.
    • If a student is absent on the day the assignment or project is due, the assignment is due the first day the student returns.  If the student is absent on test day, he/she is responsible for taking the test the day that he/she returns.  It is the student’s responsibility to see me about taking the test.
    • Not all work can be made up. Sometimes we watch video clips in class, conduct lab investigations, hold class discussions and students are given credit for these activities.  If a student misses class, they may not be able to make up the assignment. It is imperative for students to be in class every day.  It is the responsibility of the student to collect all missed work.



    Note:  Parents and students have both a right and a responsibility to know the contents of the Sunrise Elementary Handbook.


    Academic Integrity  

    Cheating is not tolerated at Sunrise. Students who choose to cheat may expect a variety of consequences, including, but not limited to, loss of grade, suspension, loss of privilege or referral to principal for a consequence to be noted in the student’s permanent record. Consequences will be at my discretion and will be discussed with the student, parent(s), and administrators.