• Jump Start to 1st Grade

    Congratulations to your child for successfully completing kindergarten.  We are looking forward to a great first grade year.  Below is a list of skills that you could review with your child before they begin first grade. 


    • Know the basic kindergarten sight words. Your child should be able to read these words.
    • Practice reading every night.
    • Be able to say the corresponding sound for each letter of the alphabet.
    • When you read stories to your child, make sure to ask questions about the story. Pay attention to the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.



    • Write your numbers 0-20 (or more). Numbers should not be backwards.
    • Be able to identify numbers 0-20 out of sequence
    • Be able to identify shapes and colors.
    • Be able to count a set of items correctly, up to 20 (or more).



    Be able to write the kindergarten sight words. 

    • Be able to write all capital and lower case letters correctly.
    • Be able to write a simple sentence that starts with a capital and ends with an end mark.
    • Be able to write your first and last name correctly.


     Basic Skills

    • Know your student identification number for lunch, library and computers.
    • Be able to tie your shoes.
    • Be able to open all the containers and packages that you may bring for lunch.




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