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    On-Campus Virtual ART LESSONS K-6 *see below  

    Dear Students:

    Your art learning will take place on Canvas starting on August 3 until we are back together in the school building.  So please access the art lesson plans on Canvas.

    The lesson is recorded by an art teacher in the school district and the same lesson is being taught to all K-6 students district wide for the time being.  The lessons are simple and easy to do.  It is important to do them so you will get a grade and send a picture of what you made to me through email right on Canvas.  I will be available on Zoom to meet all students on Wednesdays during your scheduled art time (Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6) and on Friday morning for (Grade 5).  See schedule below.


    Basic art materials:

    (crayons, colored markers, pencil, glue stick, black marker or sharpie, blank white paper, and a watercolor set)

    will be provided to you by the New River School on Thursday, August 6.  

    You may use the following if you have it at home but it isn't required to have:

    • drawing paper or sketchbook
    • colored pencils


    *Send me a photo in an e-mail of your artwork via Canvas.  Please write your name (first/last), grade, and your homeroom teacher in your e-mail or on the artwork when you finish it so I can see what you did!

    (Example: Jack Black, 3-Smith).