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    Welcome Back Jaguars!

    The 2023 yearbook staff has been busy planning

    Volume 19 of The Prowler.

    For updates, please visit our social media:  Instagram

    We need your pictures!! If you would like to submit any pictures throughout the year, please email bchsyearbookpictures@gmail.com.  Be sure to include name and grade of all students in the body of the email. Thanks!

    • Fall Pre-Order Price $85   July 15, 2022 through November 18, 2022
    • Spring Pre-order $90       November 19, 2022 through February 17, 2023
    • Final Pre-order $95          through May 1st, 2023

    You can purchase at Jumpback, through the bookstore on campus, or www.jostensyearbooks.com.

    **Note--If you would like to order a personalized book, they are only available through www.jostensyearbooks.com.Thanks!

    Remember, the only way to guarantee you get a copy of the yearbook is to buy it early!  We will be ordering a limited number of books this year, so if you don't preorder, you may not get one!

    Senior information:

    Ads: There is limited space for senior ads, so go to https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/customer/-/Boulder-Creek-High-School/ to buy one today.

    Until November 18, 2022, prices are:

    • Full Page $220    
    • 1/2 Page $124    
    • 1/4 Page $64    
    • 1/8 Page $32    

    Prices until February 09, 2023: (or until space runs out) **NOTE: If you do NOT order before 2/9, you will NOT be able to purchase a senior ad!

    • Full Page $275    
    • 1/2 Page $155    
    • 1/4 Page $80    
    • 1/8 Page $40

    If you have any issues, please contact the adviser at selena.huggins@dvusd.org

    SENIOR Photos: Make a Grads Photography reservation for your yearbook photo at https://gradsphotography.com/.

    *Photos must be taken by November 18, 2022.  You cannot send them in—they MUST be taken here!


    Senior Accolades: The forms are due by November 19, 2022 to be included in the senior section of the yearbook!  **NOTE: If you need a paper copy, come see Ms. Huggins in room 513 during 4th/5th.


    Contact Advisor Ms. Huggins at selena.huggins@dvusd.org or in room 513 during 4/5th if you have any questions.  Thank you!

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