Recommended Art Supplies and some of my favorites!

  • Ms. G's recommended Art Supply List (Grades K-6) 

    • Unlined White Drawing Paper (at least 20 sheets - printer paper will work if necessary)
    • Pencils (I LOVE JUMBO pencils for drawing. They don't need as much sharpening) 
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Crayola® Crayons, 24 Count
    • Crayola®  Markers
    • Colored Pencils - Crayola is a great brand - Prisma Colors are amazing - premium if you want better quality
    • Crayola or Prang Watercolor Paints
    • Scissors
    • Glue Stick
    • Ruler
    • Sharpie® Permanent Markers

    Check out these links for recommended products:

    Ms. G's Dream Art Kit  

    Ms. G's Amazon Wish List(please note: these are only suggestions - none of this is required but just a great resource to see some of the materials that I personally can recommend. Also, please feel free to shop around and find good deals.)

Last Modified on July 25, 2023