• Hello Students, Parents and Guardians!


    I hope all of you are staying well during the unusual and remarkable time in our community!

    To help you and your student transition to home learning, I will post updates here and on my Canvas 7th grade math page. Please check both regularly. 

    If you have any questions, you can email me at mary.augustinovich@dvusd.org. 

    Students, if you need help, please ONLY email me using your dvusd email address. I will not open any student email not sent from your school email address. 

    Take care!

  • Home Learning: Week of May 4 to May 8

    Hello 7th grade!! We have successfully completed four lessons in Unit 7 during this Home Learning environment! Remarkable! I am proud of all of the students who completed the work, asked for help, and persevered through whatever challenges they faced! This is quite impressive to say the least!

    We will continue our study of lines and angle relationships in Lesson 5: Using Equations to Solve for Unknown Angles. You still do not need your binders as all of the binder pages are online. However, if you do have access to a printer, you can print the lessons (<---- click). Don't print the whole thing. It is 83 pages and we won't be study ALL of those lessons. Print them as you need them.  If you don't have access to a printer, all of the lessons are available electronically here on Canvas or here.

    Also, this link will take you to the pdf version of the practice problems if you want to work the problems on paper first. I don't assign all of the problems, but you can work them all out if you want! Practice Problems

    I prefer using ASSISTments for your practice (homework). If you cannot access ASSISTments, please message me! This will help me plan better for your learning!

    Use my Virtual Class Meeting times to ask questions or to get help. 

    This week we will be completing the first section of Unit 7(Angle Relationships) by studing Lesson 5: Using Equations to Solve for Unknown Angles. Because we are at the end of the section, students will be taking a very short quiz to show understanding of the concepts they learned in Lessons 1-5.

    Again this week, I created a slide show of the lesson and "taught" the activities. This video is uploaded in Canvas. For Lesson 5, you get to hear my voice! (great!) I walk you through each problem and provide help with the homework and the quiz. 


    Assignments due this week:

    1. Discussion post and Quiz (15 + 10 = 25 points) (on Canvas)

    2. Unit 7 Lesson 5 Practice Problems (25 points) (Google Classroom)

    3. Unit 7 Lesson 5 Cool Down (25 points) (Google Classroom)

    4. One communication from you to me (completion grade)

    *Communication options:

    (pick ONE. you don't need to do one of each. you only need to do ONE total)

    a) message me on Canvas

    b) message me in Google Classroom

    c) email me directly (mary.augustinovich@dvusd.org)

    d) log in to a Zoom Virtual Class Meeting (you don't have to stay the whole time. Just pop on to say hi then go if you need to)

    e) just complete all of your assignments! If you complete your assignments, well then I know you are logging in and still among the living! :) 

    *What do you need to communicate? You can email a question to me if something is confusing or tell me that you need help with a problem or a concept. You can message me to say that you understood the lesson. You can log into a Virtual Class meeting just to say "Hey!" Remember. If you don't communicate, it's ok. You won't get your 25 points but it won't hurt your grade either. This is an incentive grade to stay in touch!!