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    Mrs. Mary Shaba, Counseling Secretary E-Mail

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    For course descriptions and opportunities our Academic Planning Guide can be found at: http://dvusd.org/domain/1302


    • New Registration
    In order to register a student, a parent must provide the following documents: (You will need ALL of these documents with you in order to register your student).
        •                 Original State Issued Birth Certificate
        •                 Complete Immunization Records
        •                 Custody or  Guardianship Papers -if applicable
        •                 Proof of residency in BCHS Attendance Area
        •                 (Examples include:  APS/Cox Bill   Settlement/Closing Statement     Rental/Lease Agreement)
    If your family is living with another family member or friend and the proof of residency is in their name, we need a notarized letter from them stating that your family resides at their address, plus one of the above for proof of address.
        •            Withdrawal form from previous school
        •           Transcript(s) from previous school(s) attended - can be unofficial for registration purposes
        •           Special Education Records - if applicable - this includes IEP's or Psychological report