• New Student Registration

    Registrar:   Sunni Selleys         (623) 445-8606                Email  
    Registration information:  Mary Shaba        (623) 445-8616          Email 

    For course descriptions and opportunities our Academic Planning Guide can be found at: http://dvusd.org/domain/1302

    • New Registration
    In order to register a student, a parent must provide the following documents: (You will need ALL of these documents with you in order to register your student).
        •                 Original State Issued Birth Certificate
        •                 Complete Immunization Records
        •                 Custody or  Guardianship Papers -if applicable
        •                 Proof of residency in BCHS Attendance Area
        •                 (Examples include:  APS/Cox Bill   Settlement/Closing Statement     Rental/Lease Agreement)
    If your family is living with another family member or friend and the proof of residency is in their name, we need a notarized letter from them stating that your family resides at their address, plus one of the above for proof of address.
        •              Withdrawal form from previous school
        •           Transcript(s) from previous school(s) attended - can be unofficial for registration purposes
        •           Special Education Records - if applicable - this includes IEP's or Psychological reports
        •           AIMS Test Results

    •  You will need to read and complete the Students Rights & Responsibilities Agreement.  This booklet and agreement can be found under the Forms section of this website.  A hard copy can also be obtained from the counseling office.  The worksheet and quiz should be completed prior to starting classes. 


    • Schedule Changes:

    Since numbers of course sections depend upon pre-registration information, there will be no schedule changes except for valid reasons. Valid reasons for a schedule change are:
    1) Computer error;
    2) Changes needed to satisfy graduation requirements
    3) Changes required by health;(doctor note required) 
    4) Completion of a course in summer school, correspondence or evening school course.


    Registration Review for 2018-2019 school year.

    Hello Boulder Creek Jaguars! I’m Ms. Gerressen, coordinator for the counseling department.

    Today, I am here representing the counseling department to assist you in the final steps of the registration process for the 2018-2019 school year.

    By now you have met with your counselor to go over your individual Education Career Action Plan otherwise known as (ECAP) and you have requested  your classes for next year. The purpose of those meetings was to review your high school graduation requirement credit status, your college and career goals known as post secondary goals and to choose your classes that best fit your future goals. We are very excited that we were able to meet with all seniors and juniors individually and we hope the meeting helped answer specific questions.

    If you are a current freshman, you attended a registration guidance unit in your Biology class and requested your courses for next year. If you are a sophomore, we met in your world history classroom or individually to pick your classes for next year.

    Now we are at the important time of allowing you to review your course requests and get your final course requests turned in by May 1st to plan for next year Master schedule.

    Today you are invited to view your current Course Request for 2018-2019 school year on Power schools.  You can view this by going on to the full Power school website at Ps.dvusd.org and looking under Course registration on the left hand side of the screen. This link will show you the courses that you requested.  It is important to note that these requests are not in any specific order in your day for next year.  Also, your 2 alternates are included and not checked on your view so do not be concerned that there are more than 6 classes selected for example.  Also note that some classes are semester long such as govt and econ or ENH 110 and ENG 101 so they will pair together to make one yearlong class.

    If at this time, you would like to request a change, you must download a Schedule Change Request form, fill it out and turn it in to the counseling department on or before May 1 st which is Next Tuesday!

    The Schedule Change Request Form can be found on the BCHS Counseling Website under the Registration link.  There are also lists of courses to choose from available for your view.  If you are not able to download the form from the counseling website under registration, there are some copies available in the counseling department.  You can pick them up before school, after school or at lunch.  When counselors receive your form, we will work hard to make the changes.  If we have questions, we may need to email you so please write your email and name clearly on the form.

    Remember, if you plan to take a summer school class to open up room on your schedule for an elective for next year, we will not make the change on your requests until you complete the summer school class.   DV Online course registration opens May 7th and there is a new form that you must download from DV online after registering and paying for the class. Please turn this in to your counselor before the end of the school year.

     Part of the registration process includes updating your ECAP using the AzCIS program.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to go onto AzCIS this year, it’s new and redesigned.

     What is your ECAP again?   It is an individual student plan which helps personalize your education and enables each student to maximize the opportunities available upon high school graduation.

    Why do an ECAP?  It is a State Mandated graduation requirement which our school wide approach is supported by our counselors and teachers and is documented through AZcis. It covers four attributes of education

    • Academic
    • Career
    • Post Secondary
    • Extra Curricular

    Log on to AZCIS…..It’s EASY!

    Go to azcis.intocareers.org

    Use your BCHS Username and Password

    - click on plan

     Make sure you have all 4 years entered into your course planner

    - Make Sure to SAVE your Information!

    Once you’ve updated your Course Plan, feel free to explore!

    AzCIS has so much to offer!

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    10th Grade Course Options

    11th Grade Course Options

    12th Grade Course Options