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    Virtual calming rooms include live or recorded video feeds of things like an ocean with waves and bird sounds, a tropical reef at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA, or penguins swimming at the San Diego Zoo. There are also other options like videos that include various types of calming music, visual imagery, and guided meditation. If you're interested in exploring virtual calming rooms for yourself or your child, this link will allow you to access many different types of calming activities. Please click on this link: 



    The Deer Valley Family Resource Center provides support to strengthen families living in the Phoenix North and Northwest Maricopa Regions. Deer Valley Family Resource Center offers education, prevention, and awareness by providing, coordinating referrals to programs and services to meet the individual needs of families with children ages birth to five years of age (not yet in Kindergarten).  In support of this mission, the center empowers parents and caregivers to become educators themselves and join in the joy of their child's learning during the critical early developmental years. The Deer Valley Family Resource Center website has helpful information for parents who may need access to resources:

    Deer Valley Family Resource Center


    It is important to stay socially and emotionally healthy! 
    Self-isolation can have lasting effects on us as humans, and as we continue to push forward, it’s important to remember the benefits that can come from maintaining open communication. Whether you are alone during this time of isolation, or cramped among family, friends or pets, it is important to open up to others, to talk, and to share your thoughts, frustrations, or concerns about what you’re experiencing. Whether it’s a phone call to family, video chat with a friend, or an hour of venting to your pet - make sure to prioritize your mental and emotional health by communicating and finding ways to relieve stress in healthy ways.
    To learn more about ways to help children cope with changes as a result of COVID-19, please click on this link:
    A revised document is available here: 


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    Please copy and paste this website address into your browser. Information for families is also available in many other languages by using the revised website above. 

    Resources to Help Students and Families During Closure and COVID-19