Village Meadows Guided Reading Expectations and Routines

    Teachers:  Diane Allen, Jenna Johnson, and Sue Eastman

    Classroom Expectations and Consequences

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Safe

    and Be Ready to Learn





    Campus Expectations for the School Year: 2021-2022


    School Rules




    Ready to Learn



    Expected Student Behavior

    Speak in a kind, polite manner to peers and adults. 

    Respect to everyone’s right to learn.

    Respect our school by keeping it clean.

    Follow directions the first time given.

    Follow school procedures in all areas:  Classroom, Cafeteria, Bus, Hallways, Restrooms, Special Areas and the Playground.

    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    Walk in the designated areas.

    Use equipment and facilities as they are intended to be used.

    Be on time.

    Have all work and materials ready.

    Have a positive attitude.


    Entering the Classroom


    Routine upon arrival

    ·        After traveling in a FLASH line, enter the room quietly.

    ·         Take a seat at your reading table and sit in SNAP waiting for the teacher's instructions.

    ·         Bathroom breaks are not allowed during guided reading time, but in case of an emergency please sign out and use a bathroom pass. When returning to the classroom, enter quietly and join the class or group.  If you are unsure of what to do, whisper to a classmate quietly and ask.

    Come to class in FLASH line, quietly enter classroom door.


    Be seated at your table and sit in SNAP.


    During small group time

    (20-30 minutes)











    ·         Sit in SNAP at the horseshoe table and listen for directions.

    ·         Respect others ideas.

    ·         Use the peace sign to non-verbally tell others they need to be quiet.

    ·         Participate in discussions and if given homework, please return the following day.

    ·         Treat all materials with respect and care.  (All materials will already be at the table or in book basket). Do not damage or write in any of the reading books.  Leave whisper phones intact. 

    ·         Keep hands, feet, and writing instruments like pencils or markers to yourself.

    ·         Remain seated in your chair for entire group time and keep chair on the floor to ensure safety.

    ·         Students leave in a FLASH line back to classroom.

    ·         Teacher dismissal.





    SNAP position


    Peace sign to encourage others to be quiet



    If a student does not follow the above routines and procedures the following consequences will be utilized depending on the infraction: 

    1st infraction: Verbal warning and reminder of classroom expectations

    2nd infraction:  A Time Out will be given to the student. 

    3rd infraction: The student and teacher will complete a Think Sheet explaining their actions and the classroom expectation that was broken in addition to how they will change their behavior.  The student Think Sheet will be sent home and signed by their parent/guardian and it must be returned back to the teacher.

    4th infraction: Behavior Report Slip, student will be removed from the classroom and sent back to their classroom.  The teacher will contact the parents for a conference that will be scheduled.

    5th infraction:  Behavior Report Slip, parents will be contacted again and the student will be assigned detention afterschool.


    **All major behavior problems like fighting, bullying, weapons, drugs, property destruction, etc. will be handled by the principal or front office immediately.



    Rewards:  Viking Voucher awards are given out to those that follow our classroom routines and procedures and demonstrate to others how to be Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Ready to Learn.  Every Friday morning, on school announcements, there is a drawing for all students who were given Viking Vouchers that week and they are eligible to win great prizes.