• Welcome to HS Algebra ~ Online!

    Now that we are into new content learning, we are wrapping up the year by finishing our Quadratics unit. Students finish learning about factoring by complething the square and then finally learning how to use the Quadratic Formula. 

    I will offer DAILY office hours where we will walk through similar questions you will face in your online practice. It is also a time for me to answer your specific math questions and offer any help I can! We will meet virtually using the Zoom Online Conferencing (can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones).

    Daily Office Hours (Monday-Thursday): 12:30pm - 1:00pm

    Zoom Virtual Meeting Link: can be found on the Welcome page of our Canvas course. 

    8th Grade Online Learning Schedule <--all teacher Zoom links are on the second page!



  • Week of April 27th-May 1st

    1. Watch Instructional Video: 

    a. While watching these videos, please do the following:

    -take notes/complete problems along with the video

    -Click this LINK to view an example notes page I created from the first video. 

    b. Upload your video notes to Canvas (you will do this in the Instructional Video assignment).

    2. Complete the Practice:

    After watching and taking notes on the videos, you will be assigned online practice. The assigned practice is usually 4-10 questions. You MUST get a 100% on the practice; you can take it as many time as needed. 

    3. Discussion:

    After the completion of all work for the week, you will have a discussion question(s) to repsond to. You are required to respond first, before you are able to view other responses. You are also required to respond to at least 2 posts. 

     **Videos & Practice are all linked in Canvas**