Read 180 / System 44

    Hi Families of students enrolled in either Read 180 or Sytem 44.  In an effort to support DVUSD families with balancing and navigating the demands of Home Learning Online for the first time, Read 180 and System 44 teachers will ONLY be assigning students currently enrolled in Read 180 or System 44 programs 15 minutes of software per day throughout the week of April 6-April 9th. 


    Using Read 180 or System 44 at Home


    Why should I ensure my child works on Read 180 or System 44 ?

    • Read 180 and System 44 are evidenced-based Reading Interventions proven to support students with Reading achievement


    How much time should my child spend working on Read 180 or System 44 software?

    • Students should spend 15 minutes working on software five days per week


    How does my child access Read 180 or System 44?



     Read 180/System 44 Software

    • Have students complete 15 minutes of Read 180 or System 44 Software per day


    • Check to ensure students are completing weekly usage on your Teacher Central Dashboard
    • Directions for checking usage on the Next Gen Dashboard