• Village Meadows and Park Meadows Band Room Expectations



    • Students will not be permitted to eat or chew gum in class. Water bottles with a top are the only acceptable beverage in the band room.
    • Students are expected to come into class in an orderly manner. Each student is to set up his/her instrument, be seated and be ready to begin when class begins.
    • Students are expected to come prepared, with an instrument and other necessary materials, to each and every rehearsal. 
    • Students are expected to follow all directions, and not to play out of turn.
    • Students are expected to take care of all school property. All
      school instruments are to be taken care of properly and with complete care.
    • Students are to play only their own instruments! Percussionists, for example, are the ONLY ones allowed to play on percussion instruments. 
    • Students are expected to treat everyone, including each other, with respect.
    • Students are expected to try their best and take pride in themselves and their playing!