Use the attached Spreadsheet to find your child's grade, name(sorted by last name), quavername, and classcode before logging in.

    Quaver Log in Info

    For virtual office hours:

    Zoom Log in ID: (via email)

    Password: (via email)

    Week of May 4th-10th Overview:

    Our current music curriculum of "Quaver Music" is going to continue on-line through the end of the school year. The first couple of weeks all lesson materials are fun review.
    1. Find your assignment on Quaver Music
    2. Go through the slides reading the instructions carefully on each slide
    3. Submit your assessment on the last slide by finishing the quiz and clicking the "submit" button
    It is my hope that the children will go through lessons/slides with a family member and help teach/explain what has been taught throughout the year. The best way to demonstrate learning is the to teach a concept(s)."Quaver Music" is a similar platform to how parents/students use "Raz Kids" and "Dream Box". Each child will be given a login name, password, and class code to use. Please follow the steps below to access Quaver Music.
    IMPORTANT! The date next to each assignment is it's due date not it's creation date. Make sure to play accordingly.
    You are responsible for any assignments due this upcoming Sunday May 10th Any assignments from the due date before May 4th are from previous weeks.


    Open a browser and type in quavermusic.com


    Next, click Green Log In button on the top right





    Fill in your Quaver Name, which is your User Name from the PDF I sent you, example: SDDKV-22

    Fill in your Password. Your password is your child's student ID or lunch code (A 6 digit number only you should know).

    Fill in the Quaver class code, which is listed on the PDF I sent you. It should also be your quaver name minus the number.

    Click ENTER







    Select the With Flash Option for the most functionality



    What else do I need to know about Quaver Music?

    • Once you're in an assignment, read through and interact with each slide. The assignment details explain what to do in each slide so read through them!
    • If you aren't sure of what to do, have a parent go through the assignment details with you.
    • K-2 PARENTS! Please read through each weekly assignment with your students after opening it! I detailed your instructions the best that I could. If you ever get stuck, the bottom left tab of the assignment is labeled "instructions" and explains each slide as well.
    • There are a number of sing along songs available to you that are not required. They're just there for fun! Any assignment made available till the end of the year (05/21) is not required.

    Where do I find my class information for the week?

    • All classes have a page dedicated to their grade level and class on my web page. You should go there at the beginning of each week (Monday morning) to check what your expectations are.

    How do I submit assignments?

    • In Quaver Music, the assignments are available from the brown "Student" tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on assignments to go through your assignments. Any tests or assessments will be graded directly on Quaver for completion.


    Exploring “Student Interactives” will allows students to play specific games that we may have played throughout the year.


    Exploring “Kids Enter Here!” Is a fun activity center that has a huge amount of music making options!


    The primary goal for the week of April 6th-10th is:

    1) to help everyone successfully login in

    2) children viewing lessons we've done before, and

    3) play around in the creatives on the student dashboard.


    I highly recommend the “QGrooves" feature in the music shop. It’s a lot like the app from garage band, kids love it!


    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 



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