• Parents and Students,

    Please read through this page very carefully as it will help your students to get started with their learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.


    Where do I go to get my assignments and information from my teachers?

    All teachers will be using the Canvas Learning Management System as a starting point for delivering their instruction.  Students will need to log into Canvas to obtain their assignments and important announcements from their teachers.

    To log on to Canvas Click Here.  (Please Note that the username is their school username without the "@learner.dvusd.org" address attached)
    An example username would be: ejaxe527

    After you log in, all of your classes should be listed and you can click on the class to enter the virtual classroom.


    How do parents and students communicate with the teacher?

    Email is the best way to communicate with a teacher.  Some teachers may have set up an email link in Canvas, for you to use.

    Here is a list of teachers email addresses to help you out.

    Teachers will also be using Zoom to communicate with parents and students.  Zoom can be used on any device that has a microphone and camera (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop)

    Zoom communication can be used three different ways.

    1. A parent or student can request a Zoom meeting by emailing the teacher and the teacher can then email an invitation.  Open up the invitation, click on a link, at the invited time, and you will shortly be connected to the teacher (This would be a one on one communication as the teacher has the ability to only speak with whom they choose)
    2. Teachers may send out an invitation to all of the students via email, with a certain time to connect.  At that time the students can open up the invitation, click on a link, and they will be connected to the zoom meeting with their teacher and possibly other students.
    3. Teachers will be available at the times listed below. Please visit the teachers Canvas page to obtain the proper Meeting ID and Password. 
      a. Go to http://zoom.us 
      b. Click on "Join Meeting" 
      c. Enter the proper Meeting ID and Password, when prompted.
      d.  Make sure you have a working Microphone if you are using a computer.

    Please be sure to visit our Zoom page to see our expectations during Zoom communications.


    When do teachers hold Virtual Class Meetings (PreK-12)

    A schedule of availibility is listed below.

    Remember you can always email the teachers any time.  Note: Any emails sent later in the evening may not be answered until the next day.


    Download a Copy




    When do I manage my school work for my different classes?

    Here is a schedule for you to follow.  You should be receiving 2 hours of work per class per week.  

    If something comes up and you can not follow this schedule exactly, be responsible and come up with something that works for you.


     Download a Copy

    Student Schedule