• *It is a proven fact that the more you do something the better you will become at it! So set an example to those around you. You are a role model.  Read your way to your success....magazines, newspapers, short stories, chapter books, web pages, and picture books! Read at least 20 minutes a day to strengthen your reading muscles!

    * You should all be practicing our weekly phonetic rule each night as well!  Our class is filled with brilliant, creative writers! It is so much easier for readers to enjoy our work when we make spelling words correctly a priority.
    rock, list, desk, job, sad, chop, sack, tag, rib, mess, dust, drum

    page, space, late, race, size, fine, rice, mice, blaze, nose, vote, huge

    stop, hand, clip, twin, strap, nest, ask, mask, brave, state, stream, breeze

    Week 4 - ADDING -ing & -ed
    dropped, dropping, hugged, hugging, smiled, smiling, excited, exciting, talked, talking, lifted, lifting
    (^^^ if the word has a short vowel and ends with one consonant....double the final letter....hug = hugging)
    (^^^ if the word ends with an "e"....drop it before adding the ending....smile = smiling)

    that, them, when, what, whale, shape, chase, wish, math, bunch, itch, patch

    hard, farm, smart, part, born, score, more, corn, horse, porch, chore, before

    can't, I'm, I'll, she's, haven't, it's, didn't, aren't, hadn't, he's, who's, isn't, 

    Week 8 - -er, -ir, -ur
    person, turn, curb, purse, nurse, birth, curl, turtle, dirt, serve, skirt, her, 

    Week 9 - PLURALS
    lunch, lunches, tune, tunes, note, notes, switch, switches, story, stories, baby, babies

    Week 10 - VOWEL PATTERNS - long  /a/
    main, wait, raise, brain, paint, tail, say, away, play, stay, tray, today

    Week 11 - VOWEL PATTERNS - long /e/
    read, deep, wheel, sleep, feet, seat, leave, teeth, easy, party, windy, team

    Week 12 - VOWEL PATTERNS - long /o/
    goat, toad, float, toast, most, told, hold, ago, bowl, show, slow, open, 

    Week 13 - COMPOUND WORDS
    basketball, weekend, birthday, bathtub, driveway, raindrop, something, someone, backyard, bedtime, mailbox, 

    Week 14 - VOWEL PATTERNS - long /i/

    find, bright, right, cry, child, wild, flight, blind, sky, fly, spider, myself

    Week 15 - COMPARATIVE ENDINGS -er & -est
    sooner, soonest, smaller, smallest, hotter, hottest, fatter, fattest, happier, happiest, busier, busiest
    Week 16 - FINAL SYLLABLE - le
    ankle, cable, giggle, title, purple, apple, able, bubble, tickle, sparkle, bugle, bundle, 
    Week 17 - VOWEL PATTERNS - /oo/ and /u/
    cook, book, brook, shook, wood, hood, stood, put, push, pull, full, July 
    Week 18 - VOWEL PATTERNS - /oy/ /oi/ /ou/ /ow/
    sound, around, out, flower, gown, howl, cow, royal, toy, noise, coil, moist,
    Week 19 - COMPOUND WORDS
    downstairs, houseboat, boyhood, roadway, football, railroad, oatmeal, outplay, rainbow, soybean, daydream,
    Week 20 - VOWEL PATTERNS - /oo/  /ue/  /ew/  /ui/
    too, spoon, fool, blue, true, clue, suit, juice, fruit, new, drew, flew,
    Week 21 - SUFFIXES
    cheerful, weekly, hardly, quickly, visitor, teacher, graceful, fighter, slowly, helper, yearly, sailor
    Week 22 - PREFIXES
    unsafe, unlock, unpack, unplug, rewind, regroup, rerun, preheat, preschool, disappear, disagree, discolor

    Below are the words to be added in the fourth quarter :

    knock, knob, knee, write, wren, wrong, wrap, lamb, comb, climb, sign, gnat,
    phone, photo, graph, laugh, rough, tough, cough, enough, clang, ticket, duckling, backtrack
    Week 25 - VOWEL PATTERNS
    chalk, walk, talk, thaw, draw, auto, because, fault, August, taught, caught, launch
    Week 26 - FINAL SYLLABLES  -tion -ture
    nation, caution, motion, station, section, action, future, mixture, picture, nature, feature, fixture
    Week 27 - FINAL SYLLABLES - ness -less
    kindness, sadness, fitness, sickness, goodness, darkness, weakness, useless, thankless, careless, fearless