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     We will be working through the assignments in Canvas and all due dates and info will be listed within Canvas.    I will be using this page mostly for posting a checklist of sorts for the week.  Students will be able to see a 'checklist' view of assignments within Canvas, but those of you assisting your students may find it helpful to have a quick view of assignments for the week.


    Week 1

    Navigating Canvas:  

    Log in to Canvas and click on your science course. 

    You will be taken to the home page for our course. 

    It will say 'Welcome to 7th Grade Science'. scroll down and you will see some info and 3 tabs above that info. 

    There is 'Getting Started', 'Meet the Teacher' and 'Course Calendar'. 

    The first 2 tabs ('Getting Started' & 'Meet the Teacher') are introductions more or less.

    The 'Course Calendar' is where you will begin to get into the assignments. 

    Click on the 'Course Calendar' tab and then click on Week 1. 

    Don't skip the info.

    Read through the pages as you work through the Week 1.

    As you do you should see a 'NEXT' buttom at the bottom right of the page.

    Always use the 'NEXT' button (the NEXT button is your best friend, always use it if you see it).

    This will allow you to work through the week in th order that you are meant to. 

    Do your best. 

    If you get to the point that you want to bang your head against the wall, email me and I will help you through it.


    Week 2

    1. Post and reply as instructed after watching salemander video.

    2. Observe Space Soil Analysis and complete quiz associated with it.

    3. View slide show of cells and complete independent work assignment as instructed.

    4. View videos within independent work #2 and complete the quiz.

    5. Complete the multiple choice quiz as our unit assessment.


    Week 3

    Assignment #1. Discovery Ed Text Questions

    **Assignment #2. Cell Types Investigation

    Assignment #3. Wacky History of Cell Theory

    Assignment #4. Cell Theory and Cell Types

    Assignment #5. End of Week Quiz


    **For Assignement #2: If you did not register for our class the 1st week for the Gizmo Log In assignment you'll need to put in the class code for the period that you have science in order to see the Gizmo to answer the last 3 questions.  Listed below are the class codes.

    Image of class codes for Gizmo


    Week 4

    Assignment #1. Cell Structure Gizmo

    Assignment #2. Plant Cells vs. Animal Cells

    Assignment #3. Cell City Analogy

    Assignment #4. End of Week Quiz


    Week 5

    Assignment #1. Plants and Snails Gizmo

    Assignment #2. Photosynthesis Lab

    Assignment #3. Cell Energy Cycle Gizmo

    Assignment #4. End of Week 5 Quiz




    Does anybody even read this page?  If you are reading this page, then here is the 'code word': PIZZA.  If you say this code word and reveal it as the code word in the next Zoom meeting then I will award you 5 points on whatever assignment needs the extra points.