This is a new and challenging time for all of us as we return to normal.  I wanted to let you know that I am still available for students, staff and parents.  I know that students (and parents) might be having challenges with transitioning to living with COVID in our community.  Please feel free for you or your student to reach out to me as needed.  I am available to answer questions, provide information and just to talk.  Please email me during my office hours and, if needed, I am available for online video chats or phone calls.  

    This year the threshold for sending students home is low and we must follow CDC, state and district guidelines.  The current guidelines change frequently and are updated on our district website- http://www.dvusd.org/covid19  You may call or email me as well for any questions or clarifications on the current guidelines.  If you or your student needs to be tested, I have included some resources below.  This is a list of community resources and may change and update without notice.  Please call your doctor or the clinic to verify times, sites and appointments.


    COVID TESTING SITES- COVID testing can be done at your doctors, Banner Urgent Cares, Fastmed Ugent Care and through the websites listed below:

    DVUSD resources


    Maricopa County testing information

    This information can change at anytime.  Please contact your doctor with any health questions or concerns.

    MASKS- Are not required at school at this time for healthy students.  It is up to each family if they want to have their student wear a mask while on campus.  Please contact the nurse for guidelines, clarification or questions.



     I am available during school hours if needed. Virtual online/phone appointments are also available.


    Email-Jamie.Miller@DVUSD.ORGRemember to breathe