• Welcome to SPARK through eLearning

    I understand this can be a little bit overwhelming please remember that everything in this course is optional and there are no due dates.

    Google classrooms have been set up for each class. Please see your email for the correct class code for your student. Under classwork, you will find all the documents that will be connected to their course.

    Furthermore, I will have office hours for all SPARK students through ZOOM. ZOOM meeting information will be in your student's Google Classroom.

    There will be two types of office hours one will be designated per grade level and one will open for anyone in SPARK to drop in.

    2nd grade Monday 12:00-12:30

    3rd grade Monday 12:30-1:00

    4th grade Tuesday 12:00-12:30 

    5th grade Wednesday 12:00-12:30

    6th grade Thursday 12:00-12:30

    Open office hours from 12:30-1:00 Tuesday through Thursday

    6th Grade Walk up to math office hours Monday-Thursday 10:00-10:30

    Remember if you need help just email me at