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    • The SunsetRidge Art program participates in Artsonia, the world’s largest online student art museum. Artsonia offers a free, educational program to schools, teachers and parents. Each year, thousands of art teachers nationwide showcase their students’ artwork online at www.artsonia.com.

      You can access the Sunset Ridge School Artsonia gallery by clicking here.

      Due to the change this year, I am going to keep artsonia open but will wait to do any uploading from my end until I see how the school year rolls out.  

      YOU, however, are always free to upload artwork from your Sunset Ridge artist anytime.  I will have to "approve" of the uploads and once that is done, they will show up in the gallery. 

      It is an amazing opportunity to share your famous art work with friends and family all over the world!

    Accessing Artsonia to Submit Artwork

    • Click here for Artsonia access information.

      Note: If your student is new or is not in your student's class group, please email the student's name and homeroom class to me at camille.obert-goralski@dvusd.org so that I can add them.

      Check this link out for the access code to upload your student's work: Artsonia Classroom Mode