• Monday, May 18th

    • Parents:

    Please do whatever works for you and your child. You do not need to do every single video or activity. Keep it simple, make it fun!


    This week we will learn more about the plants and animals that live here in our Sonoran Desert. What's your favorite desert animal? Why?


    ActivitiesDesert Animals

    • Here's a song to stick in your head: Out in the Desert


    • Watch: Creepy Desert Creatures! This one's about 20 minutes long and only for the brave!


    • What's your favorte desert animal?

                Draw and write about it. Be sure to add details that show the environment it lives in!

                Make a diorama or other 3-d project that shows your animal in its environment.

                Read a book or do research online about your desert animal and tell someone about it.





    Wednesday, May 20th



     • Go on a virtual field trip. How many different animals did you see? 

                Kids Explore the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum 

                 • Register for free live programs such as Desert Poetry, Animal Yoga - Under the Sea, and/or Musical Mantis Storytime through the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

                 • Check out the Animated Animals video page

                Exploring for Desert Animals at the Boyce-Thompson Arboretum


    • Go on a hike with your family and look for desert animals. Draw and label what you saw in a notebook.