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  • You can find many classroom resources at www.jessledbetter.pbworks.com. Specifically, check out the "Learning at Home" section. Please also enjoy the resources below!

Letters of the Week Resources

  • Letter Stencils (to cut out and decorate letters)

    You can print these letter stencils to cut out each letter and decorate it with items like we normally do on Mondays. This includes letters T-Z. You can be creative, but here are some ideas of how to decorate your letters:

    T: triangles, toothpicks, or make it look like a "tree" (we usually use green triangles for the top of the tree and brown triangles for the bottom)

    U: Print pictures of your family, cut them out, and glue them upside down. You can also do this with the class pictures I sent through remind. Another idea: Have your child decorate the U by taping it underneath a table and coloring upside down.

    V: Pieces of velcro, violet colored marker, cars that say "vrooom!"

    W: cooked spaghetti "worms" attached with glue, watermelon seeds, wood (popsicle sticks or twigs from around the yard/neighborhood)

    X: pictures of xrays. Ask your child what animal he wants to see x-rays of and print these pictures together. 

    Y: pieces of yarn, tear up yellow paper

    Z: decorate like a zebra with black and white stripes and/or cut out zig zag shapes

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  • Half size Alphafriends cards

    These cards are half page Alphafriends cards if you are trying to conserve ink or paper/cardstock. These are also great to print, cut, and use like flashcards. The kids can use them for review like doing the letter chant at home. You can also tape them to popsicle sticks and use them for games.

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  • Full page Alphafriends cards

    These are full page color versions of our Alphafriends cards that we use to learn our letters.

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Letter of the Week Books


Resources from our Virtual Meetings

Celebrate Your Child's Learning

  • Congratulations from Dr. Jess

    Here's a video from me to your child telling them how proud I am! Have a great at home celebration!

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  • Congratulations from Adriana

    This is a Congratulations video from Adriana! She sees all the kids in class, so your child might enjoy this! She does mention kindergarten at the end though, so you might need to explain that if your child is not kindergarten aged :)

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  • Make at home: End of year certificate

    I know we all feel sadness that we won't be able to celebrate the end of the year together. I hope you will still take time to celebrate this milestone with your child. You could have a "promotion" ceremony at home with family on video chat, print and give your child this certificate, and then celebrate with a special treat like cake, ice cream, popcorn and/or a family movie night. I am giving you these resources so that you can decide when is the right time to have this celebration for your child :) Perhaps you will want to coordinate with other families as well to make it a shared experience.

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