Virtual Home Learning Opportunities

  • I am excited to offer an opportunity for each class to connect daily Monday-Thursday. I know that some work schedules might make it difficult to participate each day, and I do not want to cause your family any stress. If you are unable to attend these virtual meetings, please find another way for your child to connect with classmates at least once a week. You might consider our classroom private Facebook group or contacting another parent for a video chat. Being connected is one of the most important aspects of our preschool classroom. Your kids have worked hard to build friendships, and I intend to find ways for them to continue those friendships despite the social distancing barriers.

    This will be a new experience for me as well and I hope to have some flexibilty to try different things until I find out what works best for the kids. Here are some tips and guidelines I would like to start with to help us have a great time:

    • AM CLASS MEETING: 9:00-9:30 (Mon-Thurs)
    • PM CLASS MEETING: 1:00-1:30 (Mon-Thurs)
    • Kids should only attend once a day or the meetings will be too large for them to enjoy the experience. 
    • If your child can only attend for a short time, I would still love to have him/her join us.
    • If your child needs to alternate AM/PM meetings on different days based on your work schedule, please feel free to do so.
    • If there is any way that you can be available to assist your child with having a positive experience, it makes a huge difference! 
    • Meetings will occur through the Zoom platform. I will share the links and password through Remind each night for the following day. You do not need to create a Zoom account to attend. If your child will be with someone else during the meeting, you can share the information with that caregiver so that your child can still join.
    • If there will be a specific topic for the meeting, I will let you know in advance.
    • Your child will have a better experience if s/he joins the meetings through a computer or iPad instead of a cell phone so that s/he can see all attendees at the same time.
    • Please set up the camera (computer or cell phone) in a stationary position rather than having your child hold the phone. This will increase their ability to see others and be seen. Please try to avoid having your child carry the phone around. (However, you are welcome to follow your child around if you are trying to help him/her participate).
    • When we are in a large group, I will control when kids are muted/unmuted so that they don't talk over one another.
    • Please be sure your child is fully dressed (even if it is pajamas) in a top and bottom. 
    • Please do not take any photographs that includes a screenshot of other kids attending the meeting. (You are welcome to photograph your own without others in the shot). This is very important for the safety of all our children.

    I welcome your feedback about how your child enjoys these virtual Zoom experiences and look forward to your suggestions about making them even better. We will be learning together under these new circumstances, and I look forward to seeing the kids more regularly!


Zoom Security and Protections

  • SOME WORDS OF REASSURANCE: I know there have been some concerns with Zoom brought to light in the recent weeks, especially the cases where meetings have been hijacked by other parties. I want to assure you that DVUSD has given us settings that will completely eliminate this concern as far as we know. I hope you will feel comfortable participating without any reservation, and I hope you will contact me if you have any concerns. If by some chance anything strange starts happening in any of our meetings, please close your computer and end the call immediately. Contact me and let me know what you observed. If I observe anything strange happening in any of our meetings, I will end the meeting immediately and let you know what happened as soon as I can. Again I say, I do not anticipate anything happening during a meeting that will be inappropriate or upsetting to your child or family. However, I want you to know that I am aware of these things and actively taking steps to keep our classroom virtual community safe.


    • Passwords to join meeting: All participants will enter a password in addition to clicking on our meeting link. I will send this to you daily.
    • Virtual Waiting Room: Instead of coming straight into the meeting, you will see a "waiting room" message. This allows me to control who gets into our shared meeting, providing another layer of protection for our class. Here is more information if you are interested.
    • All participants will clearly indicate their name when joining a meeting. I will only admit participants I know. If I cannot identify who is trying to join the meeting, I will leave you in the waiting room and send you a message asking you to please create your name. See how to do that below.


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Zoom Support for Families

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