Deer Valley Unified School District's philosophy for a successful home learning implementation focuses on student connection, equity, and a smooth and simple transition so that every student can achieve learning success and maintain social and emotional well-being.


    We will be having three daily online ZOOM meetings, Monday – Thursday. These meeting will be to check in with all of my children. This is time for the students to socialize and share with one another.  Please make sure that background noise is limited during this time so we can all hear each other clearly.  Also, classroom rules apply.  Please remind your child to be respectful of others.

     I have created 3 meeting times to try and reduce stress for everyone and to fit into your home schedule.  Please don’t feel pressure for your child to attend all three Zoom meetings.  Starting out, please try to have them attend at least one meeting a day.  If any of the three times don’t work for you please let me know and we can do a one on one ZOOM meeting.

    The night before each meeting, I will put the meeting invitations on Class DOJO in our Class Story section.  When you are ready to join a ZOOM meeting, go to the correct ZOOM invitation, click on the link and follow the instructions on your screen.


    Virtual Class Meetings:

    Monday – Thursday

    9:30 am – 10:00 am

    1:30 pm – 2:00 pm