• Hi families,


    Thank you again for your continued work throughout our home learning journey. This is the last week of school, with the last day being Thursday the 21st, for the 19-20 school year!

    Instruction will continue through Thursday, so please be sure to check the schedule every day. 



    • Student belonging pick-up continues on Monday and Tuesday, with a make-up time slot on Wednesday. Please refer to our administration’s message or our previous grade level message for the times. Your time to pick-up depends on the starting letter of your student’s last name. Please have a sign for your window with your student’s last name and grade level. This is also the time to pick up purchased yearbooks or spring pictures. Please bring any library books you may have to drop off at this time.
    • Attendance is still being taken. 
    • We will still be recording grades. This is a great opportunity for your students to continue to improve their Q3 grades for their final Q4 grades.  
    • Report cards are NOT mailed home. They will be available through the quick lookup in PowerSchools. If you do not have that login, please email our school registrar for assistance: jessica.wilson@dvusd.org  
    • NO ZOOM MEETINGS ON WEDNESDAY FOR ANY 2ND GRADE CLASS. Please do the assignment for that day on your own and send any pictures through Class Dojo or email.



    If you checked out a technology device through our district for the home learning period, you will hold on to that device through the summer, UNLESS your student is transferring out of DVUSD. You would then need to reach out to Paseo Hills’s administration to let them know. 


    Please reach out with any questions. 


    We hope you are safe and healthy. We love and miss you!


    Your 2nd Grade Team

  • May 10, 2020


    Hi families,


    We want to thank you for continuing the work you and your students are doing to help them progress through this at home learning time. 


    A couple reminders:

    Grades are being taken for each subject, each week through the remainder of the school year. Grades can only improve, they do not decline. We are also taking attendance every Monday. Students are marked ‘present’ if we’ve either had two-way communication with you, your student has attended a Zoom meeting or participated in their online assignments. They are marked ‘absent’ if we have had NONE of those, and administration will be made aware. Please check the learning schedule every day. 


    New Updates:

    You will notice our reading activities are not Reading Street this week, they are through Raz Kids! When students login to Raz Kids they should see two stories to read for the week. There is a quiz that is attached for students to complete.


    Starting Friday and moving into the following week, families will be able to pick up student belongings. Please follow the information in the pictures attached to the bottom of this message, to know when and how you will pick up those items. This is also the time to return any school items you may have (library books). 


    There will be NO ZOOM MEETINGS WEDNESDAY for any class. We will not be having any Zoom meetings this day to help gather belongings at school.  Please do any assignment for that day on your own and send any pictures through Dojo or email.


    Report cards will not be physically sent home for Quarter 4. Please look on PowerSchool for final grades. If you need help logging in please let us know.


    Learning will continue until Thursday May 21st- the students' last day of school. Students are expected to look at the home learning schedule every day and complete assigned activities until then. We will be providing instruction and new lessons until the last day of school.


    Please reach out with any questions you might have.


    We hope you are safe and healthy, and we love and miss you all,


    2nd Grade Team

  • May 4


    Hi families,


    The next technology/paper packet pick up is May 4, from 10am-11am at Paseo Hills. Please e-mail Principal Hood at jamie.hood@dvusd.org if you plan on picking up tech or paper packets. 

    Food distribution has some updates. Use this link for food distribution changes: www.dvusd.org/food


    Below you will find some important reminders regarding home learning. Please read carefully. 


    We will continue to take attendance and in order for teachers to mark students “present” we must have at least one of the following:

    1. Two way communication with families via Class Dojo or email
    2. See participation in online assignments
    3. Students participate in one or more Zoom meetings for the week


    If we do not have any of those by Friday, students will be marked ‘absent’ on the following Monday and administration will be notified. 


    We hope that the change in our home learning schedule with either a focus in math or reading for the day has reduced the workload and/or stress on you and students. Please continue to make sure to check the home learning schedule every day! 


    As a grade level we will continue to teach science and social studies lessons during Zoom meetings. If students cannot participate in Zoom meetings, the assignments are also posted on the home learning schedule. We have included instructions and an example for social studies on the schedule since the assignment is not on Scholastic. Please make sure to send teachers pictures of the science and social studies assignments completed via Dojo or email if students do not participate in Zoom. 


    Stay safe, stay healthy, we miss you all! 


    The second grade team

  • April 27, 2020 


    Hi families,


    Below you will find some important updates regarding home learning. Please read carefully. 


    This week we will begin taking attendance. In order for teachers to mark students “present” we must have two way communication, see participation in online assignments, or have students join zoom meetings. If we do not have any of those by Friday, students will be marked ‘absent’ on the following Monday and administration will be notified. 


    You will notice that our weekly schedule looks a little different this week. In order to reduce time spent and stress on you and students, we have decided to alternate days for reading and math. As you can see, students will be expected to complete reading work on Monday and Wednesday, and math assignments Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure to check the home learning schedule every day! 


    Also starting next week, science and social studies lessons will be taught during zoom meetings. If students cannot participate in Zoom lessons, they are also posted on the home learning schedule. Please be prepared to send teachers pictures of the assignments completed via Dojo or email if students do not participate in Zoom. 


    The next technology/paper packet pick up is May 4, from 10am-11am at Paseo Hills. Please e-mail Principal Hood at jamie.hood@dvusd.org if you plan on picking up tech or paper packets. 


    Stay safe, stay healthy, we miss you all! 


    The second grade team

  • April 20, 2020


    Hello Families, 


    Happy third week of at home learning! This week is our first week of New Content. We are reaching out with some new updates for you: 


    • If you DO NOT have a technology device and/or WiFi, principal Hood will be distributing Paper Packets at Paseo Hills Monday 4/20/2020, from 10-11 am. 
    • This week we will now start taking grades. Grades will start where they left off at the end of Q3, with the possibility of increasing those grades in Q4. We will take one grade per content area each week for the rest of the school year. You will see areas on our weekly schedule now marked “Required”. This is the assignment we will take a grade on. It is important to have your student participate in their assignment, so they can obtain a grade that will increase their current Q3 grades. Grades cannot drop below what they are currently at. 
    • We will now be having daily virtual classroom meetings via Zoom Monday-Thursday. Please check with your teacher for her schedule. These meetings are not required for your student everyday, but if they are able, we would like to see them in one of our meetings! We would like for your student to share their social studies and science work when they have it ready through one of our zoom meetings. This will be a fun way to connect and share with their classmates, and helps us see some of their work to give them direct feedback. This week, we would like them to share their activity from the Scholastic “Bears” lesson, and their form of currency they created. 
    • You should have received a message about a new reading program called Amplify Reading.The login information for your student should have been attached. Once you click the URL link, they will need to click Student Login and type in their username and password. This is the ONLY login that differs from their others. 


    A couple changes to our schedule: 

    • On Fridays you will now see a section titled, ‘Social/Emotional Behavior Lesson’ that fills up the whole column. That is all students should be focusing on for their Friday work. You will need to click, “click here” to get to the lessons.
    • Students should be participating in one special area per day. It is now indicated which day to participate in which special area at the bottom in the specials section.


    Please reach out with any questions. 

    We hope you are staying safe and healthy. We miss you and are thinking about you! 


    Your 2nd Grade Team 

  • April 12, 2020 


    Hi Families,

    Happy second week of Home Learning! We are reaching out today with a few reminders:

    If you do not have access to technology or the internet, please let your student’s teacher know so she can guide you to technology pick (Technology Distribution will be on Monday, 4/13 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at BGHS student lot) up or paper packet pick up.
    This week’s new Home Learning Schedule will be added to our grade level and teacher websites ( https://www.dvusd.org/domain/5947 ) on Sunday, April 12th. If your student is behind, and would like to revisit last week’s schedule, it will still be available!
    This week will be our last week reviewing previous content and standards. Next week we will begin new content/standards, but using the same platforms/ websites. We hope that last week and this week will give our students the practice they need to feel confident in their online learning, in order to start new learning next week.
    This week, no grades will be entered and this is the last week of simply checking for participation. One grade a week will be entered into PowerSchool starting 4/20. The students will only be able to show improvement from their ending Q3 grade, students will not see a decrease in grades during Q4.

    As always, please feel free to reach out via Dojo message or email if you have any questions. Our students’ learning is important to us and we want them to be successful in their Home Learning, so we are happy to help!


    The 2nd Grade team

  • April 5, 2020


    Hi families, 

    We wanted to provide you with some student login information prior to the students beginning their Home Learning on Monday, April 6th.

    The students will need to follow the links through the Home Learning Schedule (goes live Monday, April 6th), on the Paseo Hills Second grade page, or individual teacher pages. Students will need to log into everything (DreamBox, Zearn, and Reading Street) using their normal computer logins. ALL students should know their logins, as we have been doing it all year, but if not please reach out to your student’s teacher. 

    The only new login the student’s will come across is for our Reading Street assignments, where they have to log in through PowerSchool in order to access Pearson Realize/Reading street. Please follow the following steps for initial access. After logging in the first day, it should become easier.

    Reading Street: 

    1. Click on the PowerSchool link on the Home Learning Schedule.  
    2. Click pearson courses on the left hand navigation tab. (Towards the bottom)
    3. Click Reading Street Common Core Grade 2, it should be listed under ELA Reading 2nd Grade.
    4. Choose your language, pick a profile icon, pick a background image 
    5. Click Classes  (the middle red icon)
    6. Click on that day’s assignment. 

    Remember we are starting our at home learning with REVIEW. Please be patient with this process, as this is a learning curve for all of us. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

    We are thinking about you; we hope you are safe and well! 

    2nd Grade Team

  • March 31, 2020 


    Hello families! 


    We wanted to reach out to touch base with you/check in and also provide some important information for the upcoming weeks. 


    We hope you are all safe and healthy! We want you to know that if you need anything, please feel free to reach out on Class Dojo or email. As we transition into Home Learning, we will be holding daily ‘office hours’ from 10:00am-11:00am to respond to and communicate with families, and collaborate with our peers and leaders. If you reach out with questions/comments, we will get back to you within 24/48 hours. Please make sure you are listening to call outs, and reading all communication from our Second grade team/ Paseo Hills administration. 


    Here is some important information in case you missed it in call outs/ emails sent out::

    1. If you do not have access to technology at home, DVUSD has organized a technology pick up at Barry Goldwater on Thursday, April 2nd from 9:00am-12:00pm and Friday, April 3rd from 3:00pm-6:00pm. You will be allowed one computer per family. They are asking that you bring a photo ID and have student ID # available. 
    2. For those families who do not have technology OR internet connection, we currently have a district level team working to provide paper packets, prepared for two weeks at a time. If you have already filled out the technology survey online, support services will be reaching out to you regarding these packets. If not, please reach out to Paseo Hills Administration to schedule an appointment to pick these up: (623) 445-4500 
    3. DVUSD will continue to provide free breakfast and lunch to children 18 years and younger for the remainder of the school year. See www.dvusd.org/food for a list of distribution sites.
    4. Should you need to pick up essential items (learning materials, medication) that were left at school, please reach out to Jamie.Hood@dvusd.org to schedule an appointment to pick these things up. 

    Home Learning will begin Monday, April 6th. If you follow this link ( https://www.dvusd.org/domain/5947 ) you will come to our grade level page and individual teacher websites. This is where we will be posting our HOME LEARNING WEEKLY SCHEDULE.  You will not have access to this schedule prior to April 6th, per district requirement. In this schedule, we have planned lessons in Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Math and created links for easy access. Students will be responsible for 2 HOURS of home learning a day, with a recess break embedded. As a team, we will work together to update this content weekly to support our students.  For the first two weeks of home learning, it will be REVIEW only. During home learning, there will not be any grades or attendance. 

    This is a huge adjustment for us all during these unprecedented times. We miss our students and will do what it takes to support you all and finish off a great year with exciting at home learning. 

    Stay safe, enjoy the weather and savor the extra family time!