Firebirds Read!

  • Firebirds know that for EVERYONE, EVERYDAY, ANYWHERE reading is our key to success.

    Dear Firebird Families,

    Our goal is to make reading a family affair.  Help us by adopting family reading habits.

    1.  AT LEAST 15 minutes before bedtime, turn off all electronics.

    2.  Read TO your child or read WITH your child (take turns a paragraph or a page, then switch.)

    3.  If you have too much to do yourself some days, have a sibling or a relative or a friend read to your child.

    4.  If your child can read themselves, have them read to a stuffed animal, a dog, a cat, or any other pet.

    Nina   Julio   Nat

    5.  BE AN EXAMPLE.  Let them see you reading as much as possible.  If you don't like books, read magazines or newspapers.  Reading is reading, it doesn't matter what form.