• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    General Safety and School Cancellation Information

    • What activities are currently cancelled?
      DVUSD schools will be closed for ALL activities for students, including athletic activities (i.e. practices, field trips, gatherings etc) and are suspended through the end of the school year.
    • What about student travel?
      All student travel has been suspended through the end of the school year unless guidance from local and state health agencies changes.
    • Are sponsored events also cancelled?
      All DVUSD on-site school sponsored events that involve mass gatherings are cancelled through the end of the school year.
    • Where can I stay up to date on all COVID-19 information for my school?
      Please go to www.dvusd.org/COVID19 for current information.
    • Will the District still hold Board Meetings?
      Due to the social distancing recommendations of public health experts, no live audiences will be permitted at DVUSD Governing Board Meetings until guidance changes from local and state health departments. You may watch the board meetings live (or recorded) by going to DVUSD on Livestream. The meetings begin at 7 pm.

    Food & Nutrition

    • Is DVUSD providing free meals to children age 18 and under?
      Yes! The DVUSD Food & Nutrition team has done an #Extraordinary job over the past few weeks in providing tens of thousands of meals to our families. DVUSD will continue to provide free breakfast and lunch to children 18 years and younger for the remainder of the school year. Children do not have to attend a DVUSD school to receive a meal.
    • When and Where can I pick up meals? 
      Meal distribution sites will provide meals for multiple days at a time. 
        • On Mondays, families will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch for 3 days all at one time. 
        • On Thursdays, families will again be able to come and pick up breakfast and lunch for 2 days.
        • There are multiple sites across the District where we are providing meals. The specific sites and hours for distribution can be found at www.dvusd.org/food 
    • What information or items do I need to pick up meals?
      We do love seeing the smiles of our kids, but parents will no longer be required to have their child(ren) in the car when picking up the meals.  If a parent wishes to pick up food without their child present, then the parent(s) will need to provide a photo ID and the date of birth for each child receiving a meal.  Families should continue to monitor www.dvusd.org/food for up to date information.

    Parent & Student Resources 

    • Are there Special resources that can help my child cope during this difficult time?
      DVUSD leaders are committed to bringing you timely information that will help you support your student(s) at home and help you navigate these unchartered waters. Please see www.dvusd.org/resources for helpful information regarding social-emotional supports for your child.
    • What kind of behavioral / health services are currently offered to help my student or family during closure or covid-19?
      To check out the many services offered, go to COVID-19 Updates / Resources to Help Students and Families and check out the list of services provided by the ‘District Partnerships to Support Student Wellness’ page.

    DVUSD Prek - 12 Home Learning Information & Electronic information

    • What opportunities for learning will DVUSD be providing while schools are closed?
      Our District has transitioned to a Home Learning model through digital tools to provide educational opportunities while our schools are closed. You can learn more about your child's Home Learning opportunities by going to www.dvusd.org/homelearning.
    • How long will Home Learning continue for?
      Home Learning via teacher-directed virtual instruction will continue for the remainder of this school year. 
    • Will students be learning new material?
      Yes! Instruction on new material will begin on April 20.  DVUSD students will have the opportunity to review previously taught instruction via teacher directed online instruction, as well as home packets (for students with low or no connectivity), between April 6-17. 
    • Will teachers be available to talk about any questions or concerns my students or I might have?
      Yes! Check with your child’s teacher to find out about Virtual Office Hours for students. Beginning April 6, 2020, all teachers will provide Virtual Office Hours.  

    Parents may also email their child’s teacher directly or contact them through regular forms of communication that you have used prior to the schools closing.

    • What will my child(ren)’s “Home Learning” schedule look like?
      DVUSD will be using a common instructional schedule with suggested times for core content area lessons, suggested times for specialist and elective class lessons, and specific times for the delivery of Special Education and related services support will ensure that all educators in our District have the ability to support instruction in whatever ways their role might require.
    • How many hours will my child need to dedicate themselves to their work? 
          • Daily Hours spent on coursework
            • Preschool: 1 hour
            • Grades K-4: 2 hours
            • Grades 5-8: 3 hours 
            • Grades 9-12: 2 hours per content/per week
    • Are there any guidelines my child (or myself) should be following?
      In addition, with the news that we are moving to online learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, we feel it’s important to remind our students and parents/guardians the importance of digital citizenship and expectations for all. 
        • Please keep in mind that the behavioral expectations outlined in the 2019-2020 Students Rights & Responsibilities Handbook still apply when in an online learning setting.  Inappropriate behavior and/or inappropriate use of technology should be reported to the school principal.  

    We also encourage parents and guardians to read the terms and privacy policies before creating an account for any online resources used.  

    • Is Zoom safe for my child?
      At DVUSD, we value the importance of students connecting and seeing their teachers on a routine basis. DVUSD is using Zoom for Education to facilitate video calls between teachers and their students during home learning. To protect the security and privacy of students, Zoom provides encrypted video meetings and the services designed for educational users comply with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). See the April 6 daily parent communication for more information regarding this. Click here for a log of the parent daily postings.
    • Does my child need to use Zoom for successful Home Learning?
      Interaction with teachers and peers can benefit students with academic progress and social-emotional well-being; however, participation in Zoom meetings is optional.
    • Where can I access Zoom for my child?
      To prepare for, access, join, and participate in Zoom meetings please refer to these instructions for DVUSD students and parents - https://url.dvusd.org/f6c40d04.

    Grading & Reporting 

    • How will grades and report cards be affected?
      DVUSD’s goal is to continue to provide targeted and purposeful instruction. Although grades are important, an emphasis on learning should be the focus through the end of this school year. 
    • 3rd Quarter Grading:
      • K-8
        Between April 6-17, students will engage in teacher-directed review of 3rd quarter material. As students are growing accustomed to their new Home Learning experiences (e.g. resources, schedule, and expectations), they will also have the opportunity to improve their 3rd quarter grades through Friday, April 17. For K-8 students, the third quarter will officially end on April 17 and the 4th quarter will start on April 20 when teacher-directed instruction of new content begins. If grade improvement for 3rd quarter grades is something your student wants to pursue, please reach out to his or her teacher(s).

      • High School Grading:
        High school students can continue to improve their second semester grades through the end of the semester. Given that new content will be taught beginning April 20, high school students should take advantage of this unique two-week window to revisit previous learning and potentially improve grades based on resubmission of assignments or assessments. If grade improvement is something your student wants to pursue, please reach out to his or her teacher(s).

    Home Learning - Device Pick up & Paper Packets

    • I have WiFi, but i do not have an internet-enabled device for my Child(ren) -  can I borrow a device from my child's school?
      Yes. DVUSD distributed thousands of devices to families in need of a device on April 2 and 3. Future distributions will occur. Please contact your school principal if you are still in need of a device.
    • For Highschool Students:
      High school students will use their school-issued iPads.
    • What if I am unable to obtain an electronic device and WiFi for my students “Home Learning”?
      DVUSD is providing paper packets for families of PreK-8 students who were unable to obtain a device for their student and are also unable to obtain WiFi connectivity. The first distribution date for these packets was Monday, April 6. The next distribution date will be April 20 between 10-12 at your child’s school. Contact your teacher and school principal if a paper packet is needed. Click here for more information on this.
    • Can I opt for paper-packets instead of a device for my child(ren)?
      Paper packets will ONLY be provided for families who are unable to obtain a device for their student and are unable to obtain WiFi connectivity.  
        • To be clear, paper copies will be in limited supply and are not an option for families that have a device with internet accessibility.  
    • Are there any differences between the digital or paper form of Home Learning?
      Just like our digital delivery model, we will provide you a Home Learning schedule. The grade level packet available for pick up will have lessons aligned to the Arizona academic standards. It is our goal to provide all students in Deer Valley Unified School District support academically during this time.
    • If I have further questions about device pick up or tech related issues who can I contact? For tech questions, parents can fill out a form at: https://url.dvusd.org/HomeTechHelp
    • What kind of devices can my child(ren) use?
      Students can use any internet-enabled device such as a home computer or tablet, PlayStation 4 and Xbox to connect to web browsers. 

    Home Learning - Connectivity
    • Who do I contact if I have issues with my electronic device?
      For device issues, parents/guardians can submit a help request ticket to https://url.dvusd.org/HomeTechHelp
    • If I need more assistance with WiFi or network connectivity, who can I contact?
      DVUSD's Information Services & Technology Department will not be able to help set up or troubleshoot WiFi. Families need to contact their internet service provider for help with the WiFi connection.  

    Highschool Activities and Graduation

    • Are High School Graduation Ceremonies still going to happen?  
      We are not making any decisions yet. More information will be coming in mid to late April on this. This delay is frustrating for some as we have heard from parents who want to know if family members should plan to attend. However, there are two important points that we would like our community to be aware of concerning any decisions about graduation. 
        • First, we know how important this event is, and therefore, we do not want to cancel if mass gathering restrictions are lightened. 
        • Second, we are currently waiting for an update from the Governor and State Superintendent Hoffman as both indicated in a joint news conference that they would be providing guidance on this topic. 
        • We expect some clarification by mid to late April (See Below) as to what options might be available. Once we are aware of these options, we will look to gather some input from the community as to desired next steps.
    • What about other items related to Seniors and graduation?  
      Please see the daily parent posting from April 2 for information on this. Click here for a log of daily parent postings.


    • Will I receive a refund for cancelled activities such as Field trips?
      While our goal is to refund payments when requested; unfortunately, not all payments made by parents for items such as field trips that have been canceled due to COVID-19 closures can be refunded. See detailed information regarding this topic in our April 1 parent daily posting. Click here for a log of daily parent postings. Here are examples when a payment cannot be refunded:
      • Tax Credit payments are non-refundable under any circumstances. This is not a choice but a limitation of the Individual Public School Extracurricular Activity Tax Credit law. The reason for this is that the person paying has or will be receiving the dollar for dollar credit from the state. In some situations, you may redesignate the tax credit donation for a different purpose, however, it must stay with the school where it was originally designated. In the case of 6th, 8th and 12th graders who are leaving their school, the money would either roll over to a Greatest Need fund or the parent could redesignate the money for a different purpose.
      • Situations when we are unable to obtain a refund from a vendor when a non-refundable deposit was made prior to the closure.  
    • Can I pick up items that my child(ren) left at school?
      Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are following the Governor’s Stay at Home order. This means that our campuses are closed. Students were provided with an opportunity to pick up medications and items essential for instruction. A date in the future will be established to pick up non-essential items.