• For the Week of April 6th - 9th, 2020

    Teacher Directed Instruction


    For the week of April 6-9, teachers will review previously learned material and skills, not introducing new learning*. This is so all students and teachers become familiar with online learning and do not need to worry about new content in an online platform. Materials this week will not be graded.  


    Using a common instructional schedule with specific times for core content area lessons, specific times for specialist and elective class lessons, and specific times for the delivery of Special Education and related services support will ensure that all educators in our District have the ability to support instruction in whatever ways their role might require.  A consistent, predictable instructional schedule not only enables educators to support their own families and ensure their own health and wellness, but also supports students’ families as they consider how to support their students’ learning in the home environment.


    Daily Hours

    Preschool: 1 hour

    Grades K-4: 2 hours

    Grades 5-8: 3 hours 

    Grades 9-12: 2 hours per content/per week


    During the week of April 6-9, PreK-2 teachers will provide student work via the school website and teacher webpage. Please look for communications from your school. Third through twelfth grade students will receive home instruction via the Canvas or Google Classroom Learning Management Tools. Teachers will provide review work this week that  you can expect students to complete within the following student work timelines.

    *High School AP, IB, Dual Enrollment and the 6-Week FastTrack Deer Valley Online Learning Program (DVOLP) and Pathways courses will begin new content April 6. Assignments will be graded.


     Please refer to communication from your child’s school or teacher for their learning schedule.

    Before accessing materials with your child, we also recommend reviewing the importance of Digital Citizenship.

    In addition, with the news that we are moving to online learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, we feel it’s important to remind our students and parents/guardians the importance of digital citizenship and expectations for all. Please keep in mind that the behavioral expectations outlined in the 2019-2020 Students Rights & Responsibilities Handbook still apply when in an online learning setting.  Inappropriate behavior and/or inappropriate use of technology should be reported to the school principal.  

    We encourage parents and guardians to read the terms and privacy policies before creating an account for any online resources used.

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