• Artsonia Class Portal
    PARENTS – Our school is offering a way for students to submit their artwork to their Artsonia portfolio from home.

    Your child can use iPads or similar devices (or even a browser) to photograph their own artwork, make edits and enter artist statements - all on their own! The artwork will be reviewed by Me the art teacher prior to being published.

    Download the Artsonia 6.0 app in the Apple or Android app store, select the "Students" option, then scan the Access Code below (or manually type in the code). You can also go to on a browser if you don't have a compatible device.


    Most of the Students already know what artsonia is but now since we are at home for the remainder of the year, I'd like to give them the opportunity to submitt their own amazing artworks into artsonia! Below is a link to a short video showing how to do it! Remeber, this is not a requirement. Pleas email me if there are any questions!


    Access Code: WMSP-ZKCS