Covid-19 Information


     Maricopa County Department of Health  www.maricopa.gov

    This website has specific information about what is going on specifically in Maricopa County. Highlights include ; People aged 65 or older or those who have at least one chronic health condition make up 71% of those who have been hospitalized and 97% of deaths for COVID-19. As of 4/15/20 there have been no hospitalizations or deaths reported among 0-19 years old. Healthy children and young adults tend to have milder symptoms. Supporting those at the highest risk for severe disease is essential so that they can stay home and away from others.


    Arizona Department of Health Services Website     www.azdhs.gov

    This a great website to find out the current number of cases diagnosed in Arizona. You can find out the numbers by county and zipcode on this website. Information on what everyone needs to do to stay healthy. Facts about the coronavirus and local health resources. There is a lot of information on this website and it is updated daily.



    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website      www.cdc.gov

    This is an excellent website to learn about what is going on throughout the country with the corona virus. You can find out the number of diagnosed cases in each state. This website includes information on how to wear and use cloth face coverings and caring for children. It is updated daily and has a tremendous amount of information on it.