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    Virtual Lesson Plans for the week of May 18th

    For the remainder of the school year, I will be providing mini lessons for various Phonological Skills.

    What is Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

    Lessons this week involve adding sounds to make new words. The skills may be review for your child, that's okay. During the early years of learning to read, phonological skills should be built upon on a regular basis. The videos I have uploaded can be watched more than once.

    I am including an option for a weekly schedule -

    Day 1 - Video #16 and #17

    Day 2 - Video #17 and #18

    Day 3 - Video #18 and #19

    Day 4 - Video #19 and #20

    Video #16

    Video #17

    Video #18

    Video #19

    Video #20