• Welcome to 2nd Grade!


    Second grade will be an exciting time for your child.  It is during this time that your child will polish their reading skills and move from “learning to Read” to “Reading to Learn” for preparation for Third Grade.  They will be exposed to a variety of reading materials that focus primarily on nonfiction science and social studies subjects.  Your child will be instructed at their own reading level, but challenged daily to continue to improve.  Second grade math is awesome.  Your child will be exposed to a variety of strategies to solve problems.  Children will be given time to work with manipulatives to give them a deeper understanding of concepts.  In social studies we will be exploring Ancient History to Branches of the Government.  In science we look at life cycles, weather, states of matter and more. 

    Most of all in second grade, we want to build a classroom that is safe and nurturing, where children feel comfortable asking questions and are allowed to be curious.  We want to encourage children to become independent learners.



    Second Grade Teachers