• All Things EQ

    Weekly Motto: 

    Q3W1: I bring effort to everything I do.

    Q3W2: I work through confusion.

    Q3W3: I make enough time for work, sleep and free time.

    Q3W4: I find purpose in everything I do.

    Q3W5: I am always improving.

    Q3W6: I drop my shoulders. I take a few breaths.  I can handle this.

    Q3W7: Our Duty Aides correct us because they care about us!

    Q3W8: I do my best because doing less is a waste of my time and potential.

    Q3W9: My brain challenges and grows when I learn.

    What is SEL?

    Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show compassion/empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions (Casel.org).

    SEL Competencies:



    Social Awareness

    Relationship Skills

    Responsible Decision-Making

    Monthly Topics:

    • August :      Coping with Change & Building Resilience 
    • September:   Promoting Social Connection, Relationships, & Tolerance
    • October:   Managing Stress & Anxiety
    • Nov/Dec:   Practicing Mindfulness
    • January:   Showing Empathy & Compassion
    • February:   Managing Big Emotions 
    • March:   Staying Motivated & Focused
    • April:   Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • May:    Focusing on Self-Care