4th quarter PE - Week of April 20th

    All students are expected to submit a journal entry every Friday for their PE 4th quarter grade - 


    1. Each day what your workout included - basically what you did to be active and how long you were active


    Monday - Exercised for 15 minutes and did the following - 10 push ups, 10 squats and 10 burpees

    Tuesday - Exercised for 30 minutes - went on a bike ride

    Wednesday - Exercised for 20 minutes - Went for a jog and played catch with my brother/sister

    Thursday - Exercised for 15 minutes - I did the deck of cards workout from Coach Dunn's canvas page

    Friday - Social/emotional day - Rest your body and work on your mind - read a book, do a puzzle, etc


    Zoom meeting times -Jump on if you have any questions or just want to say hello -

    1st hour - Monday and Wednesday - 8am-830am

    2nd hour - Tuesday and Thursday - 8am-830am

    4th hour - Tuesday and Thursday - 830am-9am

    5th hour - Monday and Wednesday - 830am-9am

    6th hour - Tuesday and Thursday - 9am-930am

    Email me something like this each week. 


    I will have alternative workouts on my canvas page for anyone who cant think of a workout on their own and for the ones who want to challenge themselves with harder workouts...


    Miss everyone!


    Coach Dunn