• Hello families. 

    The following activities will help improve visual motor and processing skills like tracking, saccades, memory and spatial relations. 


    1. Card game: War

    Players: 2

    How to Play: Deal the entire deck face down between the two players. Each player will have a stack of 26 cards. Without looking at the cards, the players at the same time turn one card over on the table. The higher number wins both cards. If both cards are the same, there’s a ‘war.’ Players then deal three cards face down followed by one card face up. Now, the higher numbers takes all 10 cards. Play continues until one player is out of cards.

    2.  Card game: Memory/Concentration

    Players: 1+

    How to Play: Memory is just as well played with an ordinary deck of cards laid out face down in a grid. The goal is to match all the cards in sets of two. Play starts with one child turning over two cards in hopes of finding a match. If a match is made, they keep both cards. If not, they note (remember) the exposed card’s number and position before turning them back over. The person to the left then takes a turn and play continues in a clockwise rotation until all the cards have been matched. The player with the most cards/number of sets wins.

    **To increase the challenge scattered all over the table/floor.**


    3. Hidden pictures 

    Highlights kids


    4. What's the difference?

    neok12 whats the difference picture puzzles