• HI Families! Hope you all are doing well during this time. 

    This page is ideas for activities to do home such as handwashing, turn taking ideas, games etc. for you to work on with your child.

  • REMEMBER children in preschool LEARN THROUGH PLAY. You don't have to do flashcards and such, play games like "I spy" (with colors, shapes, letters, etc) make it fun. Play is children's "work" I am a strong supporter of children learning through play.  

    1. Play Encourages Communication

    Play allows children the opportunity to develop speech and language skills as well listening skills. Children talk and listen while they play.

    2. Play Encourages Cognitive Development 

    Children who engage in pretend play tend to have more sophisticated levels of interaction with others. There is more and more evidence that supports the connections between cognitive ability and high quality pretend play.

    3. Play Encourages Relationship Building 

    Play helps to promote the development of social skills. Children who play with their parents/teachers and peers/siblings learn how relationships work through their play experiences.


    • Play simple board games with your child, or simple card games like 'Go fish' 'memory' 
    • Read books and tell jokes and riddles.
    • Encourage building and construction games.
    • Do simple jigsaw puzzles.