• Deer Valley Unified School District's philosophy for a successful home learning implementation focuses on student connection, equity, and a smooth and simple transition so that every student can achieve learning success and maintain social and emotional well-being.

  • Home Learning

    For the Week of April 13th - 17th, 2020

    Teacher Directed Instruction


    For the week of April 13-17, teachers will continue to review previously learned material and skills, not introducing new learning*. Material will not be graded. Teacher directed new learning begins April 20 with graded assignments and assessments.


    During the week of April 13th - 17th, PreK-2 teachers may change their learning platform to either Google Classroom, Canvas or remain with the SchoolWires Teacher Website. Please look for communications from your school. Third through twelfth grade students receive home instruction via the Canvas or Google Classroom Learning Management Tools.

    *High School AP, IB, Dual Enrollment and the 6-Week FastTrack Deer Valley Online Learning Program (DVOLP) and Pathways courses began new content March 6. Assignments will be graded.


    3rd Quarter Grading: K-8

    From April 6-17, students have the opportunity to improve their 3rd quarter grades through Friday, April 17. For K-8 students, the third quarter will officially end on April 17 and the 4th quarter will start on April 20 when teacher-directed instruction of new content begins. If grade improvement for 3rd quarter grades is something your student wants to pursue, please reach out to his or her teacher(s). 


    High School Grading

    High school students can continue to improve their second semester grades through the end of the semester. Given that new content will be taught beginning April 20, high school students should take advantage of this unique two-week window, April 6-17, to revisit previous learning and potentially improve grades based on resubmission of assignments or assessments. If grade improvement is something your student wants to pursue, please reach out to his or her teacher(s)


    Behavior Expectations for Students Learning Online 

    During this time of online home learning, we want to remind our students and parents the importance of  Digital Citizenship and building a positive and productive online learning environment. Please be reminded that when in an online setting,Deer Valley expectations for student conduct still applies including the behavioral expectations outlined in the 2019-2020 Students Rights & Responsibilities Handbook. Inappropriate behavior and/or inappropriate use of technology should be reported to the school principal or assistant principal to address accordingly. .

    We encourage parents and guardians to read the terms and privacy policies before creating an account for any online resources used.

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