All Things E.Q. is an easy to implement, Social Emotional Program that does NOT give your staff more to do but does create a positive school-wide culture that can be seen, felt and heard on campus.

    By Founder Danna Evans



    Students benefit from the weekly insights and enjoy the program. Watching students take ownership in their school and coming to class with a purpose is incredible. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the culture shifts from “What’s in it for me?” to “How can I help?” and that shift occurs faster when the school has positive student role models on campus.  



    Teachers love how All Thing’s E.Q. changes the way students “show up” in their classroom! Teachers gave All Things E.Q. a 100% approval rating and rated All Things E.Q. with a 4.29 (Very Good) out of 5 (Excellent) in terms of ease of use and implementation. 



    Parents appreciate being more connected to the school and love getting the weekly parent insights to use at home. Parents gave a 95% approval rating and shared with teachers that the All Things E.Q. weekly parent insights were well received with a 4.44 (Very Good) out of 5 (Excellent) in terms of creating a positive school community.


    Webpage:   https://app.allthingseq.com/