• DES Assistance

    If you are eligible to receive financial assistance from the AZ Department of Economic Security (DES), you will be responsible for the following:

    • Your daily co-pay as determined by DES
    • Any difference between the daily rate that is subsidized by DES and our daily rate
      • For example, our rate is $38 per day; if DES pays $28 per day (6 or more hours of attendance), and if your co-pay is $1 per day.  Your daily responsibility is $11, including your copay
      • NOTE that if your child attends less than 6 hours per day, you are responsible for the difference between our rate and the DES part-day rate of $14; or $25 per day in this example
    • Choosing only the days your child will attend camp
      • if you choose days that your child does not attend, you will pay the full daily rate of $38 per day ($40 for preschool)
      • DES will not subsidize days that your child does not attend for which a reservation has been confirmed
    • Submit the required documentation