• Registration has opened as of 4/29/2020 at 12:01 AM

    • This program will be offered at these new sites:
      • The Traditional Academy at Bellair
      • Gavilan Peak
      • Union Park
    • Each school year requires a new registration, and enrollees are accepted on a first come, first served basis, subject to complete information and documentation
    • Early registration is highly recommended
    • The following sites(s) have reached capacity and closed:
      • Sonoran Foothills


    Register Early!  

    We typically ask that people start registering early because of the high volume of registrations we receive for our various programs. We offer the incentive of a reduced registration fee in the hopes that you will submit your information early. It takes us several months to work through the large number of contracts that we receive for our programs, so we do appreciate when you submit your registration early and we thank you for your patience.  Our team continues to work diligently to process them as quickly as possible. 

    We also encourage early registration as some sites will reach capacity and close.  You may be added to a site's waiting list by completing the online registration.  This registration contract will remain in a pending status and secures your space on the waiting list for the school year in which it is wait-listed.  If a site re-opens, the pending registrations will be processed  in accordance with the number of spots that open at that time.  There is a possibility that a site may not re-open. 

    Please do not try to create your registration application until the new program year/season has opened.  If you start an application for the old year -- prior to the new year opening -- you will not be able to change the program year on this registration once new year opens; it will automatically default back to the old year and you may lose your placement status, as all contracts are approved on a first come, first serve basis, and are date and time stamped upon submission.  

    • Please submit your registration early. 
    • Registrations received after July 15th may be subject to a delayed start date. 
    • Some sites reach capacity early and will close; we make every effort to re-open when appropriate staffing and space is available
    • To secure your place on a waiting list at a closed site, you must complete an online registration (see link below under How to Register)

    A new and separate registration is required for each school year 

    Our programs provide a safe, on-site, enriching environment for students before and after their regularly scheduled school day by incorporating activities indoors and out, as well as homework assistance, tutoring and organized play.  Before & After Care is available to students age 5-14 in grades K-8; students must attend school at the site where the program is offered.  Early entry kindergarten students are eligible to attend this program once they have reached their 5th birthday. 

    Due to the high volume of registrations we receive, we strongly encourage early registration.  Please do so by July 15th to ensure attendance by the beginning of the school year.  Registrations received after that date may be subject to a delayed start.  Some sites may reach capacity and new registrants will be placed on a waiting list.
    Registration for 2020-2021 opens on April 29, 2020, at 12:01 AM; registration for 2019-20 is ongoing at ELEYO.  To register, first set up a family profile at ELEYO.  A new registration is required each school year; if you are returning, you will use the same family profile. 
    There is an annual per family registration fee that is collected at the time of contract approval.  We encourage early registration -- and offer an incentive to do so -- to avoid delays in processing your approval and/or being put on a waiting list.  Early registration helps us to plan more efficiently. 

    Per family registration fee

    • $20 during April and May
    • $30 during June
    • $60 in July through the remainder of the school year


    We ask that you carefully consider your choice of days.  While you don't want to reserve days you don't need, you also want to be sure that the days you do need are reserved in advance. 

    • Unscheduled additional and/or drop ins may not be permitted, especially on early release PLC Fridays, due to capacity and ratios
    • All additional and/or drop in days must be submitted and approved by Wednesday in order to attend Friday
    • Requests may be denied if a site does not have sufficient staffing to meet licensing requirements
    • Dropping in unscheduled on this day will result in your child being sent to the office for your pick up
    • If you know you will need care on the weekly PLC 90-minute early release days, we recommend you reserve these days in advance; at the same time, we ask that you not reserve this day if you know you will not need it