State Law  Requires:

    ALL medications at school must be kept in the Nurse's Office.  This includes over-the-counter (OCT) meds such as cough drops, herbal remedies, sore throat spray, allergy nasal sprays,  short term use antibiotics, every medication.  

    The reason for this strict policy is to prevent these medicines from falling into the wrong hands, by design or accident.

    I do not keep a store of common medications to give to your child


    Medications cannot be checked into and out of the Health Office each day.  This leads to confusion and results in the medication not being at school or home when it is needed.



    I will gladly keep OTC medication in my office for your children. 

    They will be locked in a special cubby for your child(ren) only and will be given as per label instructions.

    ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE IN THEIR ORIGINAL CONTAINER, NO ZIPLOCK BAGS.  The bottle does not have to be new, just labeled properly so I know what I am giving to your child.




    Prescription Medications require at least one form to be sighned by your MD.  The form for all prescription medications is below.  Print this and have it signed by the prescribing MD.  This form must be brought to the Health Office, with the medication, by an adult  (any adult listed on your pink  information sheet).  Do not send medication in your child's backpack.  I will not accept it and it will not be administered to your child.  If your child goes to GECKO before school, a GECKO employee will accept the signed form and the medication.  

    The medication must have a prescription label attached to it.  For inhalers and epi-pens, please bring the box with the label attached.  Pharmacies will give you a "school bottle" with a duplicate prescription label if you are only giving me a portion of the medication.  

    The prescription label must be in the name of the person to receive it.  I cannot give medications to a child if they are prescribed to a parent or sibling.


    Doctor's Order for Prescription Medication

    Parent Permission for Medication at School



    An adult must bring refills of all medication to the Health Office or to Gecko if you drop you child off early.

    This medication must also come labeled with the prescription.  Bring it in your home bottle and count out what you wish to leave with me.  Pills in a baggy could be anything and I cannot accept them.



    The paperwork for specific conditions, such as, Asthma, Diabetes, Allergies requiring an Epi-pen can be found on their individual pages on this website.